Crystal Healing

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When we bring a crystal into our energy field, its energy affects our own. It interacts with the vibrations of our cells to cause a shift, dispersing energy blocks and raising your own cellular frequency, thus allowing healing to take place.


Crystal healing is rising in popularity, yet crystals have been used in healing and wellness for thousands of years. Laying stones on the body is an ancient metaphysical art that uses the vibrations of the physical stones to enter the auric field and raise the vibration in areas where you need it. Different crystals have different properties and vibrations, which can work on different chakras, emotions, physical ailments or other situations that need addressing.

Crystal healing in a non-invasive and completely natural healing modality. It is a gentle vibrational therapy and has no side effects. Anyone can receive crystal healing. A few common reasons my clients see me are for stress reduction, to manage physical pain and dis-ease, chakra balancing, for emotional release and healing, spiritual work and much more.


After a short consultation I will determine what crystals will best help you during the session. You will remain fully clothed at all times laying comfortably on the treatment table. Crystals are carefully selected for your individual needs and placed on and around the body to facilitate healing on all levels - physical, mental and spiritual. Healing sessions are 60 minutes in duration.

Whether you feel anything during the session or not really depends on the individual. Physically you may feel tingling or warmth. You may notice some emotions surfacing, or a sense of weight being lifted. Or you may feel nothing at all. This does not mean the healing hasn’t taken place, and is quite common.


I have been working with crystals for 6 years and have completed a diploma in Crystal Healing in 2017. I am also a certified Crystal Reiki Master and Crystal Reader. I offer energy healings from my home healing room in Jordan Springs NSW (near Penrith).