House Of Energy is an online store and destination for all things crystals and energy healing. The collection of crystals offered in the store are carefully selected for their quality and energy. With a focus on raw, natural crystals (but no shade toward polished pieces!) we also offer tools for your energy healing work and sacred space.

Launching our first program in 2017, the online courses are an integral part of House Of Energy. Having undergone a decade of study and mentoring with some of the most knowledgable mentors in the field, offering all I know to others is why House Of Energy was created.
I feel energy. My whole life I have been aware I was more sensitive, able to pick up on vibrations that other's couldn't. I could sense the energy from people, houses, places and crystals.

For the past decade I have spent every spare moment working intimately with crystals and energy, learning from numerous guides and teachers, healing and shifting my own "stuff" along the way. 

It is part of my purpose to help others really understand their path and empower them to heal themselves. Through teaching my courses and offering my readings I am fulfilling this purpose with House Of Energy.