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My belief is that as we become more in tune with the energy of each day and of course ourselves, we are able to stem from a more authentic place and create more abundance and ease of flow in our lives. Align with the daily energy and Universal rhythms in The Energy Room... in this password-protected space I share:

Energy Readings. These are longer, more elaborate versions of my sporadic Instagram/Facebook posts. There is an overall theme for the month and readings for each week of the month. I embody the ability to tap into (feel) energy and relay the information to others for the higher good of all. Weekly emails are also sent to all subscribers with a heads-up of the week’s energy.
Lunar Influences. Readings for the full moon and new moon plus Moonscopes for each sign. Your moon sign represents your emotions, subconscious and intuition. These are powerful aspects to tap into to make the most of our daily activities. This section is written by Rhiannon from The Spiritual Toolbox.
Crystal Allies. I share which crystals align with the energy of the week/month and crystal rituals and activities for you to try such as specific layout, meditations or gem waters. Developing a relationship with certain crystals each month will help you understand their properties and what works for you.
Journalling Prompts. Journalling about your patterns, behaviours, habits and goals within the energy theme of the month will hopefully reshape what needs to be worked on and let you reflect within yourself. Major growth can happen here.

All of this is for just $3 a week. It was important to me to make this as accessible to everyone as I could, by keeping the recurring payments low.

Join me now in The Energy Room and arm yourself with these tools before you enter each month, week or day


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  • Every month you'll get an email from me with your new password to enter the private Energy Room. New content is written every month as I channel the information from higher sources.

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  • Payment is recurring, monthly on the 30th of each month. First payment is required at the date of subscription. You can easily cancel at any time in your MoonClerk profile you'll receive when you join.

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