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Since I was a small kid I was able to sense energy extremely easily and without even trying. I would just "know things" that would often surprise the people in my life, like my parents. I  would feel something so intensely that I just KNEW it to be true, despite not having any evidence and often not knowing anything about the topic of the information I was receiving. Of course I didn't know until much later in life that I was picking up energy from people, places and "the future".

As an adult I've worked with my spiritual team to develop an understanding of how my abilities work. I have spent years feeling into the energy of each month, wee, day, event or person and journalling them all to reflect back on as a type of record. Occasionally I share my insights on my Instagram and Facebook, and I usually share a monthly reading in my newsletter. But now I feel called to share what I channel in this space. I also use my cards, crystals and any other tools I feel called to during this part of The Energy Room.

You can check back in here every few days, or print these off to keep by your bed or on the fridge. Work out a method that works for you to help get into the swing of being prepared for the days ahead. 

Monthly Theme


November marks a time to focus on self care and nourishment. Indulging in acts of love and nourishment is for all layers of the body from physical to mental and of course spiritual. We are now being guided to find activities or be around people who really make you feel GOOD at a soul level.

During November we are asked to carve out time in our daily or weekly routines to make room for acts of self care. Of course this will look different for everyone but the energy this month provides us with space to go softer and slower with our selves, so let’s make the most of it. 

Physically this is a great time for a diet or image overhaul. It’s also a good time to book in massages (I’ve already booked one in!) or to indulge in some pampering. This is also an opportunity to address any negative or limiting thoughts we have about ourselves. Now is the time to heal those wounds and send only love and acceptance to our beautiful selves.

It’s going to be a pretty crazy month, astrologically speaking. So much going on! And of course this is going to affect us all, albeit slightly different, so I am not surprised to see the theme of the month centre around extra self care and love. The energy this month is also supportive for travelling, so if you have travel plans booked or feel like a getaway would be the ultimate act of self care and indulgence than I am seeing a big green light to do this!

November is going to be a transformative month. So much soul growth is possible this month. And for once I don’t see the heavy energy that usually accompanies soul growth. This is a much lighter month but with so many opportunities for us to grow and advance!

November 1-8

November kicks off with a bang of intense healing energy! This week will present you with opportunities to learn, grow, celebrate and heal. It’s a big one but not in a draining sort of way, more in a light and heart-centered way. Revelations will happen for many of us around our own inner healing this week. I see it like explosions going off in your face everywhere you turn and you cannot avoid it and you’re not meant to avoid it! There’s a sense that you are done with how things are right now and are ready to move up! There is supportive and guiding energies at play to help you process old pain or events in the past that changed you. Basically, heaps of heart healing! I see this week focusing on self worth, confidence, self love, how you talk about yourself, lack of confidence etc. And there will be things that trigger you all week and even if they feel uncomfortable it’s best to deal with them as they occur - and where you do you’ll look back on November on such a beautiful and transformative month! So many of us are ready to be this stronger version of ourselves. There is a collective sense of worth right now and it’s so powerful. Because you ARE worthy. So worthy! This is just the start of it!

November 9-15

And leaving the healing work and transformative energy of last week we head into a period of rest, nourishment and rejuvenation. This will be especially beneficial for those who did deep work last week. We need to do a type of stocktake right now - I am literally seeing us ticking off boxes as we check in with every part of us. So that’s whats required here… of course relating back to the overarching theme of November - self love and indulgence for the soul. We are again being prompted to take care of ourselves across all levels yet remembering that all parts of us are connected. So if we think of ourselves with four bodies - physical, mental, emotional and spiritual - we can stop and take a look at each one and address what needs to be tended to.

The idea of it is so release what isn’t serving us anymore. So physically we could address people or possessions in our lives that need to leave our life. Mentally it could be about your negative thought patterns, emotionally you  might need to finally process those feelings you’ve been pushing down and avoiding! And spiritually a good place to start is with your chakras or meditation with your higher self.

This is also a fantastic time to get in touch with your femininity, to soften and live a life more aligned with the yin energy - release the need to control or force things. Releasing power is incredibly liberating! SO MUCH of the world needs to embark on this lesson (just think of how many people are greedy for power and control!). 

You will find your intuition will be heightened this week!

November 16-22

More massive spiritual growth this week, but this time there is a focus on love and relationships. There are some majjjjor lessons happening here and THIS is the purpose of life! Whenever someone asks me “what is the meaning of life” (which happens more often than you’d think) I reply that it is about moving through the lessons we agreed upon prior to reincarnation, so that our soul may evolve and also in the process we are helping others learn their lessons - we are in their lives for a reason! We are essentially both there student and teacher in life. So this week lessons are presenting themselves from within your relationships and how you view and process love, forgiveness and acceptance. Even if you aren’t in a romantic relationship look to the other relationships around you - with your cat, friend, parents and so forth. This week is about forgiveness, compassion and unconditional love for yourself and others. And from what I have learnt, this is one of our bigger life lessons - to love ourselves and others unconditional, without judgement. So we are asked to look at our relationships with loved one and see what we are currently learning. For me, I looked into my own marriage and saw it was about accepting our differences more, and understanding why I am triggered by certain things my husband does. So this is the current lesson on offer in my relationship with him - a chance to work through this lesson and in turn grow as a person and soul. This can be a joyful week though, I cannot see it being dark or heavy. Just abundant with opportunities for major soul growth! Gosh this month is totally a transformative one.

November 22-30

This is a huge week for putting new boundaries in place for yourself. There is no other way to word it except you are levelling up! Which is awesome but with that comes the need to reassess what your boundaries, limits and expectations are from yourself and the other people in your life. There is no point in doing the work to better yourself and grow as a person when you still accept the same mediocre energy from the people in your life.

And all of this relates to SPEAKING YOUR TRUTH! Yes, this is the time to speak up, you are fully supported and the energy this week is there for you, backing you and guiding you because of course it can be daunting to speak your truth. Who do you need to be more authentic with in your communication? It could even be yourself but is more than likely someone in your life who you have been holding back around. Notice if it goes the other way and you are ready to shut down someone else and the way they treat you and speak to you. Toxic people are welcome to LEAVE this month so say goodbye if you are ready to no longer accept someone who is not vibing with you. You are the one who gets to decide what you will and will not accept from others.