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Since I was a small kid I was able to sense energy extremely easily and without even trying. I would just "know things" that would often surprise the people in my life, like my parents. I  would feel something so intensely that I just KNEW it to be true, despite not having any evidence and often not knowing anything about the topic of the information I was receiving. Of course I didn't know until much later in life that I was picking up energy from people, places and "the future".

As an adult I've worked with my spiritual team to develop an understanding of how my abilities work. I have spent years feeling into the energy of each month, wee, day, event or person and journalling them all to reflect back on as a type of record. Occasionally I share my insights on my Instagram and Facebook, and I usually share a monthly reading in my newsletter. But now I feel called to share what I channel in this space. I also use my cards, crystals and any other tools I feel called to during this part of The Energy Room.

You can check back in here every few days, or print these off to keep by your bed or on the fridge. Work out a method that works for you to help get into the swing of being prepared for the days ahead. 

Monthly Theme


Ahh September I love you, you bring such a breath of fresh air with you. Springtime feels like a new beginning... coming out from the slumber of winter's haze and the scent of new beginnings is in the air. And this month is all about clearing the slate within ourselves, starting the new season fresh! A lot of focus will be upon the relationship we have with ourself. There will be times when we catch us not honouring ourselves with the upmost respect and love that we deserve. It is all too easy to slip into the negative self-talk, to focus on the disappointments, failures, negative moments and traits. Well, what is perceived as failure and negative, for nothing really is. But we need to rise from this this month and come from a place of love, of true unconditional love for ourselves. How can we expect others to treat us with meaningful actions, loving words and energy, if we aren't even honouring ourselves with the same? We have the opportunity this month to show others in our lives what we want from them, what we deserve from them, how we should be treated... we can show them this by doing this ourselves. 

I know you will relate to this... when you have seen someone in life who has this air or confidence about them, and they hold their head high and they seem dignified and completely respected - you must know someone like this. They seem sure of themselves and assertive. And you instantly feel like "wow they are demanding this of others, just by embodying that themselves!" and you're not going to talk down to them or treat them like crap... no way. Well that's what we're asked to focus on this month. Pay attention to how we treat ourselves, how we look at ourselves, talk to ourselves, talk about ourselves. How do we show others that we love ourself? How can we set the framework for how others can love and treat us?

So then we must ask, how do we show ourselves this? We need to be committing to acts of self love regularly. Harbouring resentment and judgement against old actions, experiences and situations from the past isn't serving anyone. This is the time to clear our old wounds and to forgive ourselves. This month can be extremely transformative and healing if we allow it and work with it. Daily Rose Quartz and Smokey Quartz gem water (see Crystal section) will support you along the way.

September 1-8

Okay so this week feels very inquisitive. A sense of curiosity and hunger for life, especially for the understanding of life. So many people often feel like they are drifting without purpose or direction in life, looking for signs to understand the purpose of it all. There is something this week that triggers a click in your head, a deeper understanding of just being in the moment and all that it offers. It's like seeing things in colour after only having black and white vision. It feels very "ah ha!"... a moment of clarity about why you are here right now, on the path you are currently on. You have so much to offer in your life's work but discovering what you have to give is discovered as you give it! Honestly that has to be one of the biggest "secrets" I downloaded early on in my journey. If you're truly in the moment at every given moment then you can give all of you to that moment and you can be surprised by what you are able to offer to the situations and people around you. 

But when you find yourself facing challenges or resistance this week it's hard to want to be in those moments.  It's easier to just check out and rely on your default methods of coping with these kind of situations. For a lot of people this week presents a kind of test, to see how we view and perceive roadblocks on our path. We need to remember that every perceived negative is just a lesson before us. It's an opportunity to find a new perspective and grow as a soul.

Right now this will relate to unconditional love, for others and for yourself. This means dropping judgement, jealously, resentment and anger... and instead finding compassion, acceptance and love. Even in the hardest challenges where you feel like you absolutely cannot muster those feelings or way of being. And especially when you feel that the situation or person before you does not deserve that of you... well that is the very thing that is being asked of you. According to my spiritual team, mastering this lesson is one of the biggest life lessons for every single soul that reincarnates on earth right now. See how you respond to the opportunity to move forward with this lesson this week.

September 9-15

This week is going to feel so positive to so many people! There's a beautiful feeling of optimism when I look into this week. Maybe the new moon on the 9th is impacting the hopeful vibe this week, but there is a sense of anything is possible! This week you may find yourself focus on on your dreams and goals. And indeed it is a good time for planning them out, planting the seeds and getting ready to manifest big. We each have the power to create the life we dream of. We each are able to open ourselves to the abundance that is ready to flow into our lives. When we spend time dreaming sometimes we can get stuck in the dreams and not move into the action stage.

Do you remember when The Secret came out and was this huge hit and people got stuck into the Law of Attraction and thought if they said affirmations and wrote it down etc then they would manifest everything they ever dreamt of...? But many people got frustrated because their dreams never came to fruition. Because they forgot the action step. The trick is to move from the dream state into the "do" state. It is useful to dream awhile... to visualise, map out, and essential embody what you are wanting to create, to manifest. But once you've mastered this phase it's time to go into action and actually CREATE.

Jump on every opportunity that is coming at you right now, use all the resources that are making themselves available to you. There is a strong energy of helping the collective move forward quicker. We are all in such a high vibe this week that we are manifesting much faster and easier. But if you don't take action, then you may not see the progress that is really possible right now!

September 16-22

Here we have a bit of a nod from the universe to let your hair down this week. It is time to enjoy the lighter energy Spring brings and indulge in activities that make you feel good. Maybe you could book in a massage for some self care, or take some time alone in nature or perhaps you will swing by the bookshop and pick up a new read… if thats your thing. These little acts of nurturing to the soul can feel selfish and indulgent but the goal is to make these moments a regular part of your routine. In doing so, your spirit will feel consistently uplifted, loved and rejuvenated. Sometimes it takes awhile to notice the difference implementing these little acts of self love can make in your life - your mindset, your physical health and even your spiritual connection will be profoundly impacted. 

It is so easy to get swept up into the stresses of the western world. Life is not meant to be dull, boring, stressful or so serious. My spiritual team shows me that this is something we have created on Earth and is again a lesson to be mastered. And the beauty is we can choose to change it! We are urged to implement more fun into our daily lives. We are to let go of stresses, worries and drama. And I hate when in readings this comes up and you sit there thinking yeah okay BUT HOW?! Because it seems so easy to write, say and think it but to actually make this shift we need clearer advice... well I know I do. The first thing we need to do is to calm down the nervous system. To be more mindful and slow in our daily lives. This means cooking and eating with intention. Showering mindfully and slowly moisturising our skin, loving our bodies. Being aware of when we walk from the car, or take our children to the park... taking notice of your surroundings and using your five senses. And no doubt we could all meditate more. To make sleep a priority. And importantly to center from our hearts. When we come from our heart we are able to see the stresses and worries in our life in a more loving and understanding way. And from my experience when you're centered in the heart you start to feel lighter in energy and almost child-like. It's a very liberating and beautiful way to feel. And when you're in this space it's so easy to invite more fun into your lives. The type of people you attract are embodying similar light and fun energy and the situations that come across your path align with this energy too.

This week we can remove ourselves from stressful people, situations and dramas. Just say no! If it's toxic then don't be a part of it. Instead, start to fill up your life with things that let you enjoy yourself. Relax more and have some fun! Don't forget the monthly theme we are working with of self love and putting yourself first can really tie into this week. See how it plays out for you...

September 22-30

There can be a smack-in-the-face experience this week where you might be talking to someone and suddenly realise there is something so particular about their personality that you do not like! And you might have known this person for years and years but never noticed it before. In fact I can recall this happening to me to an ex lover, who is now still a good friend and it was 7 years after our relationship ended that I suddenly realised mid conversation with them that I really disliked this trait of theirs! I was bemused by the experience of how I never saw this before! Over the following days I realised they showed this part of themselves even 7 years ago but that I hadn't needed to see it then. 

So this week we will suddenly see the reflections of ourselves in the people in our lives. You'll notice the parts of someones personality that now make you feel frustrated or annoyed. But what this is really asking you to do is look at how this can be a learning opportunity. What does this bring up for you? How can you use this aspect that triggers so much in you as an opportunity for growth? Take a deep breath and get honest with yourself - do you recognise these traits in yourself? It may be a new mindset that you've taken on (and maybe you needed to take it on, for whatever reason, so do not judge here!) and this other person in your life this week is just simply flagging it for you.

The full moon on the 25th marks a perfect opportunity to reflect on what we are ready to let go of and similarly, what we wish to embody. It is always harder to see the good in yourself... so seek out the pleasing and positive aspects in those around you and honour them in you!!