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Below are some crystals that can be useful during September  

  • to hold in your pocket during the weeks, using them as a sort of reminder of the energy and lessons the month brings.
  • to sit with during meditation, or to place upon appropriate chakras during meditation
  • to give you insight and strength when using the journalling prompts
  • or to just know your stones are there for you anytime you want to access them or feel their energy uplift your own

Crystals for Virgo season

For when controlling and critical mindsets can appear. This can lead to stress and a need for release. Amethyst will allow you to cleanse these Virgo-like traits and help create a protective bubble around you and your space.

This crystal will help curb the worrisome tendencies that Virgo brings, and encourage a more calm and positive outlook. Amazonite can help your approach to problem solving when you're feeling stressed out by the decisions and options before you. Have some Amazonite nearby to calm the mind!

Crystals for September's energy

A powerful stone for self love, self worth, confidence and heart healing. This stone can help you acknowledge the negative patterns you engage in such as negative self talk or always putting yourself last. Hold a piece of Malachite over the heart chakra and ask that it opens your heart space for healing and transformation. 

The premier stone of abundance, use Citrine during the 9th-15th September to enhance your willpower. Citrine can give your intention setting rituals an extra boost. When focusing on your goals and dreams hold a piece of Citrine, or place it over your Solar Plexus chakra. You can also write down your intentions and goals on paper, then place a Citrine point on top, handing it over to the Universe to bring your goals into alignment with your life!

Not only does this stone help with the self love theme this month but it's a great crystal for bringing some fun and joy into your life. With the message to add a bit more fun into our lives, you can use this crystal as a companion when your just not feeling it and need a boost to remain upbeat and positive. Carry this vibrant pink stone with you during your nurturing acts.

September Gem Water

Gem water is easy to prepare and an effective way to enjoy the benefits of crystal healing. 

For September, I have chosen rose quartz and smokey quartz as they are both useful for the energies this month - Rose Quartz for self love, and Smokey for releasing negativity and anxiety tendancies (which also show as a need for control).

You will need

  • 1 x Smokey Quartz
  • 1 x Rose Quartz
  • 1 glass container (a regular glass will work, please try to use glass)
  • filtered water

Physically cleanse your stones from any dust, just run them under some water and pat dry. Now it is important to energetically cleanse them before working with their energy in your gem water. You can try one of the methods listed here.

Place your stones into the glass and fill with water. Leave it for at least 3 hours, or overnight. You can place it in the sun or moonlight or surround it with Quartz points (facing inwards) but this is just optional. Remove your crystal and enjoy! 

And because gem water is more subtle than an elixir so you may drink this water throughout your day as you would plain water. You will need to drink this water within 3 days. I just make a jug up every day and refill it periodically over the days/weeks!

As you go through the steps above, hold the intention that the energy and properties of the stones will transfer into the water for your benefit.

And feel free to share photos of your gem water process and tag me on Instagram so I can see the magic happening at your house!