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Below are some crystals that can be useful during November  

  • to hold in your pocket during the weeks, using them as a sort of reminder of the energy and lessons the month brings.

  • to sit with during meditation, or to place upon appropriate chakras during meditation

  • to give you insight and strength when using the journalling prompts

  • or to just know your stones are there for you anytime you want to access them or feel their energy uplift your own

Crystals for November’s energy

This is a serious heart healing crystal and if you have this beauty in your collection then you should definitely work with its energies this month. Sleep with it, hold it during meditation or simply place it on your heart chakra for a few minutes when you have some time to relax. Rhodonite will assist you in healing those holes left in your heart from emotional upset or trauma. It symbolises pure unconditional love, acceptance and understanding - towards both yourself and others.

Sodalite will help you communicate with more power and authenticity this month and is the perfect stone to guide you in speaking up, especially during the final week of November. If you can, wear Sodalite as a necklace over the throat chakra.

This combo will help to soften and balance the yin/yang energy that will be felt this month. Use these two crystals during the second week of November when you feel like you need some guidance in releasing the need to control situations or people around you. Moonstone represents femininity and will encourage you to soften and align with the flow of the Universe.

This green stone is a fantastic companion when going through a time of transformation. It also works on your heart chakra so is a doubly powerful crystal to have in your toolkit this month. Hold it during times of uncertainty as you begin to feel your boundaries shifting, your needs and desires changing and your soul growing for your greater good. I have a whole tray of slices here if you’re looking for some nice Malachite send me a DM or check what’s already in my crystal shop.

November Crystal Meditation

This month we are using Malachite which is both a heart, healing and transformative crystal, so the perfect companion during November.

To begin, lie down on your back in a quiet space where you will not be interrupted for a couple of minutes. Hold a piece of Malachite crystal in your hands, and take a moment to connect with the energy of the stone.

Place the Malachite over your heart chakra (chest area) and set the intention that the Malachite will bring conscious awareness, understanding and acceptance to the issues or topics you need to address. Know the crystal will play it’s part perfectly, for your higher good.

Take 3 deep breaths, inhaling through the nose for 4 counts, exhaling for 5 counts, resting for 4 counts. Increase the inhaling and exhaling counts by 1 each time, until you reach 7. 

Allow your mind to wander if it does, or focus on the sensation of the crystal on your chest, or the air passing through your nostrils. Lie here for a few minutes, 2 or 20, whatever feels right for you.

Malachite can bring up some uncomfortable feelings but is ultimately giving your the opportunity to heal and transform. The crystal will bring your awareness to the situations and people that need attention and healing.

After your meditation spend some time with your crystal each day, asking it to help you transform old patterns and mindsets, heal old heart wounds and to help you let go of what no longer is serving your higher good. You can also try sleeping with it or wearing it, depending on it size of course!