Lunar Influences

New Moon

November 8 @ 3:01AM AEDT

Say to hello to the dark side for this New Moon in Scorpio. Mars, the ruling planet of the very passionate Scorpio, inspires us to reach the depths of our souls and uncover any hidden thoughts, emotions and trauma in order to go through a process of death and rebirthing. Don’t be surprised if anything that has been previously forgotten or suppressed, is now brought to the surface. 

It’s a time of liberation, freedom and healing, but you may also experience a short transitional time of uncomfortable feelings due to these triggering influences.

It’s also a very sensual time where you’ll likely crave meaningful, emotional conversations and interactions.

Full Moon 

November 23 @ 4:39PM AEDT

Full Moon in Gemini might trigger your emotions as you are likely to feel more sensitive to outside influences. It’s wise to think before you speak, and express your feelings in a calm manner to help avoid misunderstandings. Possibly you are the one initiating conflict because you want clarity in a certain situation. It’s give and take - so take care of yourself as well as listen to others.
 Aside from potential communication errors, use this phase to help you find happiness and content in the simple things in life, and maybe even a small gesture of kindness for someone else.

Keywords: Compassion. Truth. Patience. Emotional Insight.

Reading about your moon sign can at times be far more insightful than your sun sign, especially when we are trying to harness the potential and energy of each day. This is because the moon travels through each astrological sign over a two-two and a half day period - much faster than the other planets which range from months to years. The moon travels through all of the twelve astro signs within a one month period as it goes through its phases from new to full and back to new again. So no matter what your sun sign is, all of us experience the powerful rhythms of dear Luna on a regular basis.

Many people find that using their moon sign as a guide in their daily life provides much more insight than they expected. Your moon sign represents your emotions, subconscious and intuition. These are powerful aspects to tap into to make the most of our daily activities. However it's also useful to also read your sun and rising/ascendant signs to get a full view of how the new moon is affecting you personally so make sure you read all 3 here!

If you aren't sure what your moon sign is you can look it up using a free website such as this one.



What sets your soul on fire? Because now is the time to set some plans in motion and create connections to achieve these goals. Let go of any fears holding you back. It’s a good time to look at your finances and get deeply passionate about all the things you love.


Close relationships are under the magnifying glass right now. You may need to spend some time compromising and working through any differences that have arisen.


It’s time to focus on your own productivity levels. Are you wasting time or being productive? Maybe you need to start new, healthier habits? Whatever it is, you are supported by this liberating lunar phase and should welcome positive habits.


Now is the time to create magick! Scorpio might be making you feel all the feels, but remind yourself to let yourself laugh, have fun and get creative. Sparks are bound to fly in romantic relationships too.


We all need that thing that makes us feel like we’re at home. Maybe it’s a place, certain people or a particular food or memory. If you have been feeling like you don’t belong, find your happy place - and embrace the warmth of being home.


Have you lost your voice? Or maybe even feeling like you aren't being heard? Because now is the time to speak up and share what’s on your mind and weighing you down. Keep yourself grounded and centred as well. It’s likely to be a busy time for you!


Focussing on your financial goals and home stability is of the upmost importance. Maybe you need to spend some time reflecting on your physical and financial assets, and using this time to reevaluate and maybe even a fresh start towards budgeting and savings.


What a wonderful phase for you! This Scorpio New Moon sparks a new beginning for you right now. You may be itching to change something drastic about your appearance, or change direction in careers. If you do this, know that only good will come of it. Any type of self development is on the cards right now.


It’s okay to retreat right now and cancel any unwanted plans. You might feel the urge to dive into the depths of your soul with this Scorpio moon, introspection and inner peace is a wonderful thing.


Social connections and your local community are in focus right now. Are you supported by a nice network of friends? Or do you need to actively take steps towards fine tuning your circle? Spending time where you feel like you belong is important right now.


What are the BIG dreams that you wish to achieve? Any long term goals should be put in motion because this is your phase to help you get ahead with your career and lifestyle. The world is your oyster, and you are the pearl inside. Aim high, and know you are valued.


This lunar phase sparks an intense expansion of the mind. You may even feel the urge to start a new course or get away for a bit and utilise the space to let your mind be free. If you can’t/don’t want to get away, meditation during the New Moon could be life changing :)



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