Lunar Influences

New Moon

September 10 @ 4:01 AEST

The Virgo new moon reminds us to take care of ourselves and it is the time to lay down your intentions for self-care, getting organised, identifying + taking steps forward towards new habits surrounding your home, health and wellbeing. This Earthly sign brings the need for simplicity, practicality and grounding to this moon phase. Be mindful of any critical comments or thoughts during this lunar phase, and if any judgmental dialect does come up, then maybe you can ask yourself how you can help or assist in the situation to gain a better outcome.

Full Moon 

September 25 @ 12:52 AEST

This fiery Full Moon brings yet another complex astrological alignment where we are still navigating our way through the finer details of our lives and fine tuning them. You may be bouncing between ideas, priorities, extreme polarities and planning, and rediscovering your self worth, strength and needs right now.
With a lot going on, it might be hard to be decisive, but it’s not the time to make future planning decisions right now unless it’s got to do with harmonising your current situation so that you’re able to release yourself from limiting relationships and toxic patterns.
You may need to ask yourself whether you’ve been too hot headed with those around you, or maybe even competitive with those you aren’t even in competition with! Take this as an opportunity to retreat and spend quality time alone.

Reading about your moon sign can at times be far more insightful than your sun sign, especially when we are trying to harness the potential and energy of each day. This is because the moon travels through each astrological sign over a two-two and a half day period - much faster than the other planets which range from months to years. The moon travels through all of the twelve astro signs within a one month period as it goes through its phases from new to full and back to new again. So no matter what your sun sign is, all of us experience the powerful rhythms of dear Luna on a regular basis.

Many people find that using their moon sign as a guide in their daily life provides much more insight than they expected. Your moon sign represents your emotions, subconscious and intuition. These are powerful aspects to tap into to make the most of our daily activities. However it's also useful to also read your sun and rising/ascendant signs to get a full view of how the new moon is affecting you personally so make sure you read all 3 here!

If you aren't sure what your moon sign is you can look it up using a free website such as this one.



Virgo triggers those to cleanse and release any stored feelings of hurt or sadness in our hearts in order to move forward. This emotional detox will allow you to build bridges instead of burning them, so any negative feelings brought up can be an opportunity to heal again. Drink lots of water and rest your mental + emotional bodies.


Life can be a little tense right now for the stubborn Taurean. Staying open minded to new possibilities can be an exciting change from the old as our emotions play a guiding role in our lives right now. Is there anything you need to readjust in order to feel positive, purposeful and happy in your career and family life? Remember to have some fun while you’re at it too!


Your home and family are of the upmost importance right now. Your sense of being may be triggered right now as you toss up who you are, where you’re going and what you’ve come from. If something’s not working for you, It’s okay to start over again. Get organised, be practical and remember to love


You might find yourself particularly busy right now, just remember to communicate and express yourself openly and honestly, without judgment or taking too much to heart. Tensions may rise with siblings, so use this as an opportunity to transmute any tension into compassion and understanding


Leo’s need to be receptive to a "give and take" situation. You need to take care of yourself but you also need to listen to others' emotional needs, particularly your partner's (if you have one). Finding the right balance may be frustrating but keep trying! Getting active will add to the feelings of self worth, optimism and positivity that you’re seeking. The Virgo moon allows you to refresh yourself on the financial front, so having a look at your budgets is a good idea too.


This is your season for an upgrade and as a Virgo you are organised, hard working, kind and modest. Let the Virgo moon help you to expand these natural gifts and let go of any feelings of past hurt or guilt, and move forward with tolerance, clarity and confidence. Clear out your wardrobe, buy a new outfit or get your hair done. It might sound vain but this is your lunar phase to treat yourself with a bit of materialistic loving


Are you feeling self assured and confident in your professional and friendship circles? If you are, that’s great. If not, right now is the opportunity to take action towards more satisfying career, lifestyle and relationship choices as you may lean towards more emotionally based choices (with balance!). Remember, all good things come to those who wait, and trust that all will be well


This phase is the perfect time to make a wish or intention for whatever it is that you want. Connect or reconnect with your friends and social circles, focus on your hopes and dreams, and ensure your internal dialect is positive. If it isn’t, then what action can you take to improve your feelings of worthiness?


Career overhauls and recognition are on the cards for this Virgo New Moon. Maybe you’ll ask or receive a promotion, or you’ll start your own business. Whatever it is, you’re planning and taking the necessary steps to better yourself to achieve your goals and ambitions.


You might have increased frustrations with delays blocking your path. Remember to move forward with tolerance as you are generally respected for your leadership skills. Quick decisions may need to be made so staying grounded and getting outside into Mother Nature will help you stay aligned positively with your responsibilities. Think about the bigger picture and how you can expand on your education, career or just your general knowledge base.


Directing your energies into healthy pursuits will help you remain positive during this short transitional period of being in fear or uncomfortable and maybe even wanting to hide from the outside world. You might feel like you’re being pushed to your limits, but any feelings of negativity are an opportunity to gain a new perspective on in order to move forward, feeling less emotionally attached. This is a good sign to focus on finances and setting a plan in place to paying off any debts.


If you’re feeling out of sorts and unsure why, use that as a sign to reconnect with nature and your inner spiritual or creative side. Clarity will return as you distance yourself a little from your own conscious mind and into your higher self. Revamp and clean up your personal relationships and spend some time focusing on those around you that you love. Maybe it’s recommitting to someone you love, or distancing yourself from those who no longer serve you.


This section was written by Rhiannon of The Spiritual Toolbox. Rhiannon is my go-to gal for all things astrology, even helping me align my business with the stars. TST supports other Australian businesses by offering subscription and gift boxes containing absolute magic. Check out TST offerings or get your own birth chart done by Rhiannon herself.