I have been reading professionally for 5 years and have spent many years strengthening my intuitive and channeling skills. Over that time I have explored many methods of receiving information. In 2017 I started incorporating Crystal Readings into my offerings. Crystal readings use around 30 specific stones in a bag that allow me to receive guidance and information. During my readings I combine crystals with the use of oracle or tarot cards and my own intuitive abilities to receive wisdom on your behalf, a method that is unique to House Of Energy.


Intuitive Readings

Delivered online | Email or audio |  Bookings via mailing list only

We all experience points in our life where we could use some guiding light - life transitions, a break up, brushes with depression or anxiety, career path choices, self doubt and so on. These moments are usually a lesson you need to experience on your soul's path, for healing and growth. A reading can help you find the insight and wisdom you already hold. I can tap into higher guidance and empower you to find courage, inspiration and understanding about your life's current events. 

My readings focus on what's happening in your life currently and the inner work required to move along your soul's path. When you book, you can let me know what is going on for you and what you're hoping to gain from a reading. I will begin with my cards and crystals to highlight whats going on, why it may be happening, and how to heal and move forward. As a psychic empath feeling is my main tool. I can sense things in your energy field and will tap into what I pick up and what my guides are showing me. Using a combination of all of these tools during our session gives a more in-depth reading, one that is unique to House Of Energy. A reading with me is more than an intuitive reading - a session with me is more like a healing. We will look at areas that need addressing, shifting, healing and celebrating. I will show you how you can move forward with confidence and grace.

Bookings open around 5 times a year. To find out when bookings next open just pop your email in the form below! Due to demand readings are first in best dressed.



I have had 2 readings with Jackie, and also referred my mum. My readings were so accurate in regards to past and current situations and feelings. My "future" card confirmed exactly what 2 other people (who know my circumstances) had said to me so I knew I was on the right track. My readings provided me comfort, insight and direction. Jackie explained the cards in a way I could understand and the communication was great. Absolutely worth the small monetary investment and I'll be having more readings in the future when I feel the need.


I have just read over the first reading you gave me in January and WOW! It really makes sense looking back and will next time know to follow what I was told in the reading. It took me awhile to be free from that job and as soon as I quit I was offered a new job around the corner, with higher pay and I get to spend more days with my daughter - thank you Universe!



I had thought about getting a reading done in the past, and my feelings of anxiety I was having gave me the push to seek some guidance. I wanted a wider insight into what was going on around me and to give me the direction I needed.  I found my reading to be so accurate.  I have read and re-read my reading several times in the past 2 months, and every time I feel like things are going off kilter I read over it and find something more in it. It's like the parts I need stick out more when I need them. Recently I was diagnosed with 'Post Viral Fatigue Syndrome' and while doing some reading on it I came across one piece of advice that gave me a great sense of de ja vu "Each day, time should be scheduled to relax. That may mean learning how to say no without guilt"... I took another look at my reading and sure enough there it was: "Really nourish yourself right now. And don’t feel guilty for it! Even if you have to say no to other people and events, put your energy first." I am so glad I got the reading done, and I know that it won't be my last.


I turned to Jackie when I found myself at a crossroads in my life regarding my career and which path I ought to take. Her reading was incredibly accurate and addressed both the questions that I had asked, and the thoughts I had left unspoken. It's wonderful to have received such a warm reassurance about what's in store for my future, and I consider Jackie's detailed guidance to be invaluable. Thank you so much!



  • These are not medium readings. I am not a medium and do not bring through messages from loved ones passed over. As mentioned above the focus of your reading is on your life right now and the healing and movement needed for your soul's path.

  • Readings are delivered by email. A PDF with photos and an audio recording are available.

  • I do not offer a refund once the reading has been completed.