House Of Energy was created to give you the inspiration, tools and knowledge to heal and help the shift in consciousness, leading you further along your soul path. 


Online Courses

The heart of House Of Energy.
This is what drives me and is my passion in my life and business. It’s the backbone of House Of Energy! Making my teachings available to anyone no matter on their location is really exciting, and a blessing of this modern day world.

Using a private student portal where you have your own member page and can track each and every lesson online, the courses at House OF Energy School are for the modern soul.


Intuitive Readings

My readings focus on what's happening in your life currently and the inner work required to move along your soul's path. We will look at what needs addressing, shifting, healing and celebrating. As a psychic empath feeling into the energies surrounding you or your situation is my main method but I also use crystals and cards to give a more in-depth reading, one that is unique to House Of Energy.

All readings are delivered online, with the option of an email or audio file.


The Energy Room

A monthly subscription-based membership to The Energy Room will provide and arm you with in-depth weekly energy readings, moonscopes and astrology guidance, journalling prompts for reflection and growth, and crystal allies to align with the energy of the month.

My belief is that as we become more in tune with the energy of each day and of course ourselves, we are able to stem from a more authentic place and create more abundance and ease of flow in our lives.

Come and join the group of souls who are already arming and empowering themselves in The Energy Room.


Online Crystal Shop

December 31st 2014, I launched an online crystal store to share the beautiful and amazing crystals I hand selected, knowing so many souls were being drawn to the healing Earth energies of them… just like myself. Fast forward through lots of hard work, great fun and a name change, in June 2017 I hesitantly made my final sale while I entertained life's other plans but deep down I knew I'd be back one day. 

I'm so excited that day has come, but this time with a focus on natural and larger centre-piece crystals. I shy away from polished pieces because I truly believe mama earth provides us with exactly what we need. We ship worldwide and take custom requests to find your next crystal ally.