Metaphysical Courses For The Modern Soul

As a mama also running a business I know all too well the need to study as my busy life allows, and online courses have been my own saviour when it comes to expanding my knowledge.  All of your material will be available through a private online student portal which you will have lifetime access to. Study is undertaken at your own pace and there is no time limit or extra fees if you have a break. Support is proven to be so important to finishing your studies and continuing with them in your personal or business life - so you will also receive unlimited online support with me Jackie (founder of House Of Energy) via the Facebook group and email.


Crystal Reiki

Crystal Reiki is it’s own unique healing system that uses a specialised set of 15 symbols for energetic healing combined with the vibrational energy of physical crystals. When these symbols are used with certain techniques and specific crystal grids on or around the body, transformation and healing can occur. This is a unique online program using attunements.


Chakra Healing With Crystals

Chakras are energy centres that each of us have and when they are unbalanced this can manifest in so many ways in our life and body. Learn how to balance and heal your chakras and perform chakra healing on others with this stand-alone course. You will learn methods to assess chakra health, what crystals are used on which chakras and so much more.


Crystal Healing (CCH)

Learn everything from what crystals are to how to use them step-by-step in a healing session. Experience the power and healing crystals hold with this course. Because it's just impossible to cover everything about crystal healing into one course you will also have the option to choose your own crystal "electives".
(expected to open 2019)