Chakra Healing


Chakra Healing


A chakra healing is incredibly effective at balancing the body on all levels. Regular sessions are encouraged to keep the chakras in alignment as new situations or concerns arise in life that have the potential to affect your energetic field.

A chakra healing session includes:

  • a consultation via email

  • a clearing and blessing of your energy field

  • a remote energetic healing to balance and restore your chakras

  • a follow up email with a full write up of your healing session within 24 hours of your session

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What I need from you:

When you book you'll see a little form asking for what day and time best suits you. From there I can check my schedule and email you to work out an exact time. With this email I'll also send you an client intake form which is where you can tell me whats going on for you, why you booked and answer a few questions I'll give you.

Additional information:

Waiting times for remote healings are rarely longer than 3 days.

Please ensure your email is correct! All communication regarding your booking is made through the given email at checkout.

By purchasing this service you agree to this disclaimer:
House Of Energy does not claim to cure or heal any ailments of the mind or body. Healings offered by House Of Energy should not be used as a replacement for seeking medical attention or professional help.


Due to the remote service offered, no refunds are offered. However all concerns or complaints are taken seriously, please email me.