Chakra Healing with Crystals



An in-depth online course

Chakras are dimensional portals within the subtle bodies which take in and process energy of higher vibrational nature so that it may be properly assimilated and used to transform the physical body. Keeping these energy centres balanced and aligned is important for your spiritual, mental, emotional and physical wellbeing.

I have studied chakra healing with numerous guides and teachers over many many years. I have learnt about them in person and through online workshops but no one course covered everything I needed to know to truly begin understanding and working with my own chakras. Eventually I also wanted to be of service to others by facilitating the healing of their chakras in our sessions together and I struggled to find this content within the resources I had acquired. I started to put together bits of informations I had learnt from numerous sources into my own manual to use and realised this was something I should share as many others can benefit from knowing how to work with the chakras... and thus this project was born!

What was initially an idea for an eBook guide to chakra healing, is now this full intensive course. I have put together everything I have learned, and wisdom from my own experiences with crystal and chakra healing, into one in-depth course for everyone to access. In this course you will discover the beautiful synergy of crystals and chakras. You will see how using the energy of stones from Mama Earth can help us achieve peace, balance and unlimited potential by removing blocks and aligning our energy centers.


What's the curriculum look like?

  • Introduction to the seven major chakras
  • Understanding the chakras
  • Introduction to crystals
  • The history of crystals
  • The 7 crystal systems
  • How crystal healing works
  • Sensing crystal energy: an exercise
  • Understanding colour therapy
  • How to choose, cleanse and program crystals
  • Profiles of each major chakra
  • Corresponding crystal list for each chakra
  • Journalling prompts and mantras for each chakra
  • Utilising crystals in healing treatments
  • Laying on of stones
  • Crystal elixirs for healing
  • Meditating with crystals
  • Grounding and centering exercises
  • How to protect your energy as a healer
  • Practical preparations for a healing session
  • Methods of assessing and diagnosing the chakras
  • How to use and program a pendulum
  • Step-by-step healing session instructions
  • Three chakra crystal layouts

What's included?

  • Membership to the House Of Energy School website with your own account - this is where all of your learning will take place. Our website is very easy to track your course progress lesson by lesson. This is a self paced course!
  • Lifetime access to the course and any future updates
  • A 30-page course manual in PDF  format, ready for you to print
  • A  step-by-step guide in PDF, separate from the course manual so you can have it in front of you during healings
  • A printable workbook of journalling prompts and affirmations so  you can really explore your own chakras and clear any blocks contributing to the current health of your chakras
  • Access to the House Of Energy School community where you can talk to past and present students and share your crystal healing journey
  • A frame-worthy certificate of completion issued by House Of Energy
  • A new and empowered YOU, the creator of your health, wealth and happiness!

Part learning, part healing journey, as you work through this course you'll also be taken on a journey of your own chakras, exploring and assessing your history and habits that are contributing to the current health of your chakras. I'll provide you with journalling prompts and affirmations for each chakra, and you can begin to understand your own path in life and how to move energy so you can create the life you dream of!

I built this course completely from scratch and have invested thousands of dollars into my own studies of energy healing. And I know the material in this course is valued at so much more than the enrolment price but with I want to reach as many souls as I can to empower themselves to understand, evolve and heal themselves and others.

If you're ready to learn how to work with the chakras to feel more aligned and whole, the course fee is a one-time payment of just

$129 AUD

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Looking for a bonus?!

But wait, there's more. No steak knives here sorry, but when you enrol you'll also receive TWO bonuses:

>> An amazing PDF booklet of activities and techniques to strengthen your own chakra energy such as foods to nourish the chakras, creating a chakra altar, how to align all the chakras at once, how to perform a daily energy field clearing on yourself and more.

>> Essential Oils & Chakra mini eBook guide, with a printable chart to what oil corresponds with each chakra. Useful for those who enjoy working with essential oils as vibrational medicine.

This is exclusive content I don't share anywhere else!

Still got questions?

Check out these FAQs or send me an email to chat.

Q1. What materials do I need for this course?

Nothing is required but it is highly recommended that you have a pendulum (I always recommend clear quartz) and 7 stones, 1 for each chakra. I have limited packs available here, or you can build your own with 1 of each of the following: clear quartz, amethyst, lapis lazuli, green aventurine, citrine, carnelian and red jasper. Make sure they are comfortable to use on the body.

Q2. What can I do with my qualifications?

Upon completion of the course you may use this modality for yourself or with friends and family. If you have an existing holistic business you can add this to your services, or perhaps you are wanting to start a healing business from scratch. We have had students enrol for both business and personal goals.

Q3. Can I complete this course on my phone?

You sure can. I suggest using a desktop as it's easier but the House Of Energy School website is mobile responsive. There is no vidoe or audio included with this course which makes it much kinder to those using data.

Q4. Is this course suitable for those new to using crystals or chakras?

Yes, absolutely. During the course I will explain just how crystals work in this healing capacity and we will delve pretty deep into just what the heck a chakra is! I am available for support even once you have finished your studies. There is a private student group you will have access to where you can ask questions, find support and meet partners to practice your new skills with. So if you're new to the world of crystals don't worry, we have your back!

Q5. What if I have to postpone my studies?

Life happens, I get it! I'm a busy working & homeschooling mama so I understand that life gets hectic at times. If you need to take a break, don't worry - you can complete the course in your own time and there's no extra fees! You have LIFETIME access to the course and all future upgrades!