Intuitive Reading

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Intuitive Reading


My readings are not quick fortune telling, in fact they are best described as a healing session or a spiritual coaching. During this reading you will learn whats going on for you, any blockages and resistance in your life and how to navigate the path ahead. This is the ultimate guidance session.


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What I need from you:

Important! At the checkout you'll see a little form to fill in with whats currently going on for you and what area you'd like our reading to address (eg; career, commitment issues etc). Where do you feel you need healing? Where would you like to progress? The more information you provide the deeper we can get into it! Please refrain from asking for information about someone else’s life such as "what is happening with the health of my husband?" and no yes/no questions, and please stick to just one topic you would like to cover. If multiple topics are listed I will only work with the first one.

Additional information:

Readings are delivered in a PDF or audio file to the email address you supply at checkout - please ensure this email is correct!

Readings are performed on a first-come basis once the booking page is live. You can expect your reading within 3 weeks of booking. Please try to refrain from asking for your reading and instead trust it will arrive in divine timing. As a woman in-tune with her body and the moon I cannot read when I'm on my cycle and if I'm not in the best place energetically I refuse to half-ass anyone's reading. Please be patient and know it will arrive to you within the given timeframe (although I know how hard it is to be patient for these things so I do try to hustle on it!).


Due to the digital nature of this product no refunds are available.