How To Work With A Full Moon

There is an ancient awareness of the moon that dates back centuries, particularly with the power of the Full Moon. Our ancestors heavily relied on the natural energy that illuminated our skies. As time moved on, we have lost our touch with the closest celestial body to our Earth, and it’s effects go almost unnoticed in our busy lives. The Moon controls our tides, natural rhythms and cycles of fertility, animal breeding and migration patterns, and influences our emotions.

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Essential Tarot Decks

My name is Jackie and I am addicted to tarot decks. And oracle cards. And crystals. And food, sleep, love, the moon, and so on. But if you put a deck of cards in front of me I will be mesmerised and likely want to buy it for my collection. There are so many beautiful decks available now and with so many talented artists getting their witchy vibe on it's draining my bank account - but making me very happy!

When choosing your decks please keep in mind to go with your intuition. Don't just buy a deck because it's the current "in" deck on social media. Some will speak to you easier than others. Some decks will have a heavy energy for you, some will simply call to your spirit and others will do nothing at all for you. Really listen to what you're drawn to. Personally, I feel a connection to my Animal Spirits deck like no other deck. I can't explain it - it just clicks. The Little Sage deck are oracle cards (completely different to tarot, I wrote more about that here) yet I do the majority of client readings with them because I know this deck inside and out - more than any tarot deck. It's like reading the back of my hand! 

Don't under estimate the classic Rider-Waite deck. It is the most popular deck for learning tarot and dates back eons! If you were to book in with a reader at your local fair this is likely the deck they'll be using. The images may not be as pretty as the new decks coming out these days but they really tell the card's story better than any deck I've come across. For a beginner, it's a must have deck. 

Spend time connecting with your deck of cards. Study the imagery, learn the individual card meanings, feel into the intuitive messages you receive, and cleanse the deck often. 

When I post images of tarot and oracle card readings on my social media, I almost always get asked what cards I'm using. So today I'm sharing a list of some of my favourite decks. There are so many more I could of listed but the following ones are the decks that I'm drawn to, have in my collection and recommend.  Click on the images to view larger size.


Rider-Waite A classic deck and probably the most well known deck of the tarot. This is a fantastic deck to learn tarot with and is in fact what I learnt tarot with. The majority of books and courses for tarot will use or reference this deck and it's imagery.  $21 from Book Depository 

Lumina Tarot I cannot get over the artwork of this deck, it really speaks to me! It feels magical in your hands, and it's not as dark as say TWU deck. A relatively new deck on the scene but a very popular one in the tarot world. This is the second deck by Inner Hue (see her oracle cards below) and I really love her work. $70 from Inner Hue

The Starchild Tarot So mystical and beautiful, with a soft energy to it. The Starchild deck just feels so magical. The images can be a little hard to interpret (if that's how you work) for beginners. I love seeing this deck around social media, it's so photogenic! $68 from Danielle Noel

The Wild Unknown My second ever tarot deck, and one of my favourites. However I - and a lot of other people on the internet - seem to find the imagery very dark. Indeed tarot can be dark. Regardless this is an extremely popular deck all over the world! The second edition has a few different images, more colour by the looks of it. I have the first edition and treasure it so! $52 from The Wild Unknown (guide book extra)


The Linestrider Tarot  So minimalist and pretty. I love this deck and the animals used in it. A popular deck but seemingly hard to find. $38 by Siolo Thompson via Llewellyn 

Heart Of Stars Again, the imagery of this deck is so beautiful. There's something mystical about the cards, although this deck can be hard to learn tarot with if you're going off the images - heads up! $57 from Thom Pham

The Prisma Visions Tarot I love this deck but can't connect with it. It's pretty magical though and I know a lot of readers who use it. $60 from Prisma Visions

Lisa Frank Are you ready to go back in time to your childhood (if you're my age) in the 90's?! This deck is awesome and best of all it's FREE. You'll have to print these yourself (I used a card printing company online) but it's so worth it! It's only the major arcana. Free - download and print



If you're not feeling the tarot vibe and are more into oracle cards, there's a heap of beautiful goodies for you too. I'm not going to include the common Angel cards in this list, but will include my favourite moon and astrology, animal and crystal decks. These decks usually come with a guidebook to help you understand the cards but you will be required to tune into and rely on your intuition more so than the tarot. You'll also need a bit of knowledge in crystals, astrology, moon cycles etc but even if you're a fresh beginner, these are great tools to help you learn.


The Moon Phases Oracle I love Dev and her work on IG, and her little deck is so cute!  from Mystic Moons Tarot

Arcana of Astrology Another of my favourite decks. I've got the 2nd edition which means extra cards and no keywords. A great deck if you're into astrology and the moon phases and how they can impact your life. Also a great deck to use in conjunction with tarot. $51 from Black and The Moon

The Little Sage You'll notice this is what I do the majority of my readings with. It was one of the first oracle decks I worked with and I have spent many many years working with this deck. It's my "base" deck and I know it inside out. The simplicity of the cards and the striking watercolour artwork is what drew me in. I find the cards to be a little flimsy but I love the affirmations included in the booklet. $34 from The Little Sage

Lavish Earth Crystal Affirmation Cards This is a gorgeous deck, shipping to Australia is insane though. But if you love crystals or if you're a beginner to their healing meanings this deck is for you! A very pretty deck of cards. $39 by Lavish Earth


Connected and Free Another popular oracle deck and a truly divine one at that! The second edition has a few different designs and a thicker card stock. I have the first edition and love it but did remove a handful of cards I felt were too similar to other cards in the deck or just didn't resonate with me. $50 from Inner Hue

Animal Kin  A beautiful deck by Sarah Wilder, using her well-known water colour art on the cards. A good one for animal lovers. $55 from The Fifth Element Life

Animal Spirit Deck My husband bought this for me for Mother's Day the MINUTE it was released and I won't be surprised if it's sold out. Again, it has that signiature artwork from Kim of TWU (see her tarot deck above). I love having an animal deck in my collection as I think they can bring great awareness and messages to our lives. You've got to get this one! $52 from The Wild Unknown (guide book extra)

Spirit De La Lune A gorgeous little deck I'm yet to get my hands on but I will own them one day! I love all Marissa does and this deck could be a great addition to anyone who loves to live through the moon. $70 from Moondaughter 

(please note all prices have been converted to AUD and are subject to change, the prices listed are reflective of the current dollar at the time of posting)

What deck calls to you? Which was your first tarot deck?

How To Moon Chart


I posted awhile back that I'm currently studying to become a Certified Metaphysical Practitioner. After this course I'm actually enrolling in a DIPLOMA of complementary studieswhich will cover metaphysical practices even more in depth. But that's not the point of this post (that's just me getting excited!).

One of the modules in the course I'm currently doing is a Lunar journey. We learn about the moon and her ways, what it means when she is in different signs and how it affects us down here on planet Earth. We study the ways in which best to harness her energy at different times, tools to aid us and so much more. One thing we had to do was moon chart for a full month. This would help us connect with Lunar on a daily basis and let us learn how she affects us personally. 

I thought I would struggle with the daily task of colouring in and journalling but I completed the full lunar cycle and have continued to do it daily since.

I couldn't find much information on moon charting when I did a Google search so I thought I would write my own post on how to get started. I've also designed a moon wheel which is how I like to moon chart (accompanied with short journal entries). It's totally free and ready for you to download! 



Moon charting has been done for a long time by women who want to understand and connect with their menstrual cycle. However, the moon charting I have done can be about anything you want. Moon charting is simply understanding the connection the moon placement has on your 4 bodies. When we remember the influence the moon has on the water and it's tides, we are also reminded that our bodies are 80% water so it is of no wonder that it can affect us so much. It greatly helps connect to our intuition and divine feminine. The moon affects everyone different, based on the planetary alignments when you were born, and on a current daily basis. Personally I am a Cancerian with my moon sign being Aquarius. Cancerians are ruled by the moon so I am extremely sensitive to dear old Lunar and her ways.


  • A journal or book to write in
  • Coloured pens or pencils
  • A moon charting template such as my free one above (or draw your own)
  • An app such as "Deluxe Moon" (not necessary but very helpful)


First you'll need to print off a moon wheel, such as the free one I have designed above (you're welcome!). You'll need 5 minutes to fill it out for the month ahead. I recommend starting this on the new moon, but it isn't necessary - you can start whenever you like, so long as you know what phase the moon is in. For that reason, I suggest starting new or full moon so you can be sure it's accurate. Around the outside of the wheel, write the date. If you're starting on the new moon, it would look like this:


Clearly my printer needs a new toner.

You may now want to fill in some sort of legend on the other side of the page. This month, mine looks like this:


At the end of each day, before bed, take a few quiet moments to settle into a grounded space. Over a few minutes meditation, recall how you felt that day or felt around whatever specific theme you are charting. Use your pencils to colour in the wheel for that day. Open up your Deluxe Moon app (or whatever you want to use) and see what sign the moon is in. Write that on the little outer space like this, where it says "leo" and "virgo".


In your journal, write a short entry about your day and specifically around whatever you are charting. You don't have to do this daily but I do suggest checking in every 2-3 days. You could just jot down some keywords that reflect your day or you could go into detail. I also note what sign the moon is in with each entry too.

And that's it. It takes 5 minutes each night to complete! After a few months you might notice some patterns emerging. You'll learn when you're peaking with energy, when you're most motivated, when you shouldn't plan social events because you're in an ebb phase (retreating, solitary)... so much you can discover!

Throughout moon charting I would suggest spending as much time with Lunar as you can. Go outside for a few minutes each night and feel her energy. Imagine her lights washing over you body, cleansing you and heightening your intuition. Being Winter I know it might not be that enticing!


Do You Need Daily Inspiration?

Casual Business Woman Typing On Laptop Whilst In Bed

I wanted you to be the first to know about these emails I get every evening.

I can't tell you who sends them, for I know little about them... except that they are willing to connect with every single one of us. In fact, we are all already connected to the source.

These emails - they are mystical, alluring... they have a hint of humour yet are full of contemplation. My husband doesn't know I get them, or more importantly that I eagerly wait for them every night. But I just have to share, so that you can start receiving them too.

I feel like I should insert the little "speak no" monkey emoticon right about now.

Don't be silly, its nothing serious. It's just The Universe!

Yes, The Universe sends me daily love letters. Take this one from last week:

Those who are not yet spiritually wise, Jackie, simply cannot appreciate, or even recognise, those who are.

Fortunately, you can still blow their socks off as you live the truths you've uncovered.

Hubba, hubba - The Universe

I read that one over and over when it came in. It really resonated with me.   How about this one?

Jackie, a little birdie just came my way and mentioned a deep, soulful desire of yours.

Heavens no, not that one!

She said that you'd be eternally grateful if, once and for all, you never, ever had to worry about money again.

Well, I couldn't resist. Wish granted! You never, ever have to worry about money again.

Anything else? Anything at all?

    The Universe

Okay, just one more!

Don't be afraid. You needn't slay the beast or scale the entire mountain. That's not how it's done. You only need to move through today, Jackie.

Think of the distance you've already covered. Focus on your strengths. Let each new step remind you of your freedom. Let your every breath remind you of your power. Seek out friends and guides; they're anxious to help.

You're not alone. You're understood. This road has been walked before. Dance life's dance, just a few steps at a time, and in the wink of an eye you will wonder to yourself, "What beast, what mountain? Was I having a dream?"

Love you,

    The Universe

I get a dose of inspiration and encouragement every day from these emails. You can get them too, just sign up here.

August 2015 Forecast


L I F E  •  P U R P O S E 

Many people ask for card readings because they feel lost, and need guidance. I've done a lot of readings to help give people guidance on their life path but truth be told our purpose is to be in each and every moment. Wherever we are at any given time is exactly where we should be, to be both learning lessons and teaching them. This is our life's purpose. Your life's purpose isn't necessarily your job or career as a lot of people think. Think of it on more of a soul level.

This month we are being called to focus on being present. To make the most of each moment, to be conscious of what we are taking and what we are offering. Being present is a job for all 4 bodies - physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. This month, try to remain grounded. Try to be mindful, to be open to receiving and wiling to give in each and every moment. Share your talents and your passion with whoever is in front of you for they are there for a reason and you have your particular skills for a reason.

I'm practicing my life's purpose by doing this blog post! 

Have you signed up for FREE readings to your inbox ? They are only available to those who sign up via email (use the subscribe box in my sidebar or homepage) and will arrive with each new and full moon. I also have much more detailed readings available here including the new 5  life elements spread.

Are You Missing Signs From The Universe?


I've had a mobile phone for the last 10 or so years of my life. And I've had incredibly good luck with them! Until now.

I don't recall the trusty old Nokia 3310's ever breaking, and even when the iPhone's came out I never smashed a screen or has any issues, despite constantly dropping them and not using cases. My friends were always smashing their screens, dropping it in the toilet or notifying everyone that they were uncontactable for awhile due to a broken phone. Yet somehow I never had these problems.

But now...! This year alone I've broken my screen about 4 times. I'm not being more careless, and I've even started using a case! BUT IT JUST KEEPS HAPPENING. The first time it happened I was so upset but now it's just getting pretty annoying (and expensive). My phone was out of action for about 5 days last week. That meant no calls, texts, Instagram, taking photos etc. Sometimes it was pretty annoying like when I needed to transfer money in my bank app while I was in Woolies, or when I was trying to look at a map to get around town. But overall I've been enjoying the periods when I'm forced to be in the moment and not distracted by my phone.

Taking that into account, I started to wonder why I keep breaking my phone and suddenly I knew... it was a message. A sign.

The Universe sends us signs and symbols all the time. Sometimes we notice, but most of us don't. They can be shown as repetition in symbols, numbers, even music and colours. The tricky part is knowing what they mean. I find that interpreting them can be even harder than recognising them. But these messages and signs are pointing you in the right direction, so trust and follow.

I took my phone breaking 4 times in as many months as a message to be present. To be in the moment and take time to rest and restore my energy. To focus on what was in front of me at every given moment. It was a subject I had been meditating on for some weeks already, before I realised the phone-breaking message. Especially around Olivia... I've been so conscious of it for weeks now, but not really implementing it. Then it's like the Universe/my guides said "here, we'll help you!" *smash* 

The Hubby thinks it's a sign to stop being so clumsy, but I believe I've heard the message now so let's see if it continues.

Do you ever notice repetitive signs from the Universe and your guides? It's like a bitch slap across the face, numerous times until you get the message!! 

What repetitions have you seen in your life lately? Comment on this post and I'll let you know what I interpret it to be.