How to Cleanse Your Crystals

Cleansing your crystals is very important and there are many ways to do so. Crystals absorb positive and negative energy from their surroundings, people who handle them and the process it went through to end up in your hands (from the miner to the retail store and all in-between). Crystals also need to be cleansed before and after you use them for healing or meditation. Unless they are regularly cleansed, they will hold onto these energies. Furthermore, a crystal may even tell you that it needs to be cleansed - their colour may fade or seem dull, and they just won't feel right to you. Below are some methods you can use to cleanse your crystal and bring back their natural energies.

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How To Work With A Full Moon

There is an ancient awareness of the moon that dates back centuries, particularly with the power of the Full Moon. Our ancestors heavily relied on the natural energy that illuminated our skies. As time moved on, we have lost our touch with the closest celestial body to our Earth, and it’s effects go almost unnoticed in our busy lives. The Moon controls our tides, natural rhythms and cycles of fertility, animal breeding and migration patterns, and influences our emotions.

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Smoke Free Smudging With Essential Oils

smoke free smudgingThe ritual of smudging using dried herbs and plants is as old as time. I personally find it very effective and use this method weekly on myself, my home and objects like my crystals and tarot cards. However there are some people who don't like the smell of sage or palo santo, which are the two most common plants used for smudging. Perhaps you have allergies or other reasons for not wanting to smudge the traditional way, so I thought I would share an alternative way to cleanse and refresh the energy and air in your space - smoke free smudging with essential oils! 

Using essential oils can be a great alternative to smudging and won't fill your house with smelly smoke. If you already have and use oils then putting this together will be quick and easy. If you don't have any oils you can buy them online or try your local health food store. As you can see, my family uses doTERRA oils. 

Smoke free smudging can be done with a diffuser or a spray bottle. I tend to use the diffuser method the most, however if you want to do your whole house quickly or even your car then I suggest a spray bottle. Spray bottles are also easier to travel with to take to a hotel or friends home.

There are many oils that you can use for clearing your space but the ones listed here are my personal favourites. 

  • lemon / cleansing, purifying, lifts the mood and is such an all-round and essential oil
  • sage / well-known for releasing negative ions when burned, the oil is just as good
  • juniper berry / cleansing and grounding physically and energetically 
  • frankincense / one of the best oils to work on the subtle energies and body
  • purify cleansing blend / doTERRA's own blend, designed to cleanse a space of environmental threats
  • lavender / calming and relaxing

Simply add your selected oil/blend into your diffuser and let it do it's thing for a few hours. Set the intention that it will cleanse the space of any stagnant or negative energy and provide a clear and fresh space to work with. You can also diffuse your selected oils overnight (use a timer on your diffuser if it has one).

Something else I love to do is create a crystal essence with a crystal specifically chosen for clearing and protecting. I place it in a glass of water, setting my intentions and once it's ready I mix this water with the oils before spritzing into the room. You could also do this with a diffuser, using the gem-infused water to fill the diffuser before dropping in the oil. I particularly like to do this around full and new moons as I find my space needs a lot of clearing around those times but you can do it any time.

I hope you have now found some new ideas to help cleanse your space without needing to use smoke and fire!

2016 Workbooks

Obviously I love to write. I also love to plan and set goals and intentions. Writing down your dreams is very powerful (I do this ritual every new moon!). People under-estimate the power of the written word. When it comes to planning for the year ahead I love working with hard copy workbooks. Being a stay at home mum, a blogger and a small business owner I really need to get organised but love the idea of planning my goals and year through my heart and not just my head like a general planner. So here are my fave picks of 2016 workbooks. I hope one of them speaks to you!


The amazing and talented Susannah Conway has just released her 2016 workbook! She has kindly been delivering these short but soulful workbooks for seven years running. Also available is a 2016 calendar, of course all beautifully designed. The workbook contains questions about yourself, the year gone and ahead, spaces for card reading, space to ponder challenges, achievement, goals and lots more. Much like myself Susannah is a big believer in setting a word for for the year ahead so I really love this book! If you print the PDF at Office Works in full colour and have it bound it comes to about $30. Or print it yourself at home. But you certainly want to work with it in colour - it's gorgeous!

Oh and did I mention it is FREE to download? Available here. 




This year Leonie Dawson has split the workbooks into two separate products. These are super popular and there are hundreds of thousands of goddesses from around the world using these. There's also a supportive and friendly Facebook group for those who have a planner to discuss and connect. These are comprehensive workbooks and my personal favourite! Her designs are cute and feminine and if you follow Leonie you'll know how much of a character she is! If you follow these workbooks you will get results. They are awesome to look back on at the end of the year to see your progress. The biz one is great for any type of business owner and is a really good eye opener to how much you need to write down and plan to create! 

Both 2016 workbooks are available in digital or hardcopy (I recommend the hard copy). And she also has different bundles available, calendars and a 2016 planner. Phew! Prices start from $9.95.

Grab your copy here!




One for the fellow Bloggers! Kate has put together a very useful planner and workbook for 2016. It covers goals, finances, checklists, guided planning and sooooo much more. And as usual it is gorgeously designed. A little on the expensive side for a digital product (30 bucks) but in my opinion it's still worth it (as are her e-courses). 

Here's the link to the limited printed version. And this is the digital workbook. Oh and on a side note, I too love Kester Black nail polish, check them out!



By Danielle LaPorte - one of my biggest inspirations - these 2016 books are to die for. More of a planner and diary then a workbook, however Danielle is all about soul work so there are lots of pages of deep questions, gratitude, goals and of course space for monthly core desired feelings. It's a productive daily planner for those who live and work through their heart and soul. And of course it's got a beautiful design. Available in daily or weekly format too. $44USD.

Grab a copy here. Related, but not 2016 exclusive, is her Desire Map Journal which I highly recommend. 


I'm a little ashamed to admit I usually get all of these workbooks every year. I've asked for the #blogyeah workbook for Christmas so I hope Santa delivers the goods!

Which workbooks are you drawn to? Why not get a little inspiration for the New Year and treat yourself to a 2016 workbook too.

How To Moon Chart


I posted awhile back that I'm currently studying to become a Certified Metaphysical Practitioner. After this course I'm actually enrolling in a DIPLOMA of complementary studieswhich will cover metaphysical practices even more in depth. But that's not the point of this post (that's just me getting excited!).

One of the modules in the course I'm currently doing is a Lunar journey. We learn about the moon and her ways, what it means when she is in different signs and how it affects us down here on planet Earth. We study the ways in which best to harness her energy at different times, tools to aid us and so much more. One thing we had to do was moon chart for a full month. This would help us connect with Lunar on a daily basis and let us learn how she affects us personally. 

I thought I would struggle with the daily task of colouring in and journalling but I completed the full lunar cycle and have continued to do it daily since.

I couldn't find much information on moon charting when I did a Google search so I thought I would write my own post on how to get started. I've also designed a moon wheel which is how I like to moon chart (accompanied with short journal entries). It's totally free and ready for you to download! 



Moon charting has been done for a long time by women who want to understand and connect with their menstrual cycle. However, the moon charting I have done can be about anything you want. Moon charting is simply understanding the connection the moon placement has on your 4 bodies. When we remember the influence the moon has on the water and it's tides, we are also reminded that our bodies are 80% water so it is of no wonder that it can affect us so much. It greatly helps connect to our intuition and divine feminine. The moon affects everyone different, based on the planetary alignments when you were born, and on a current daily basis. Personally I am a Cancerian with my moon sign being Aquarius. Cancerians are ruled by the moon so I am extremely sensitive to dear old Lunar and her ways.


  • A journal or book to write in
  • Coloured pens or pencils
  • A moon charting template such as my free one above (or draw your own)
  • An app such as "Deluxe Moon" (not necessary but very helpful)


First you'll need to print off a moon wheel, such as the free one I have designed above (you're welcome!). You'll need 5 minutes to fill it out for the month ahead. I recommend starting this on the new moon, but it isn't necessary - you can start whenever you like, so long as you know what phase the moon is in. For that reason, I suggest starting new or full moon so you can be sure it's accurate. Around the outside of the wheel, write the date. If you're starting on the new moon, it would look like this:


Clearly my printer needs a new toner.

You may now want to fill in some sort of legend on the other side of the page. This month, mine looks like this:


At the end of each day, before bed, take a few quiet moments to settle into a grounded space. Over a few minutes meditation, recall how you felt that day or felt around whatever specific theme you are charting. Use your pencils to colour in the wheel for that day. Open up your Deluxe Moon app (or whatever you want to use) and see what sign the moon is in. Write that on the little outer space like this, where it says "leo" and "virgo".


In your journal, write a short entry about your day and specifically around whatever you are charting. You don't have to do this daily but I do suggest checking in every 2-3 days. You could just jot down some keywords that reflect your day or you could go into detail. I also note what sign the moon is in with each entry too.

And that's it. It takes 5 minutes each night to complete! After a few months you might notice some patterns emerging. You'll learn when you're peaking with energy, when you're most motivated, when you shouldn't plan social events because you're in an ebb phase (retreating, solitary)... so much you can discover!

Throughout moon charting I would suggest spending as much time with Lunar as you can. Go outside for a few minutes each night and feel her energy. Imagine her lights washing over you body, cleansing you and heightening your intuition. Being Winter I know it might not be that enticing!


What Are Oracle Cards?


With all the interest in energy and oracle card readings, I thought I'd do this little post on what oracle cards are and how I use them. But wow it's been a crazy past 2 weeks here and I think the energy has been pretty intense for everyone over the last 5-7 days. Have you felt it? It's all planetary. It's the super new moon, the eclipse, the equinox (it's beautiful autumn!) - so much going on.

I use my oracle cards almost daily for myself, no matter if life is flowing with ease or I'm struggling with some challenges. But when when things are intense I turn to my oracle cards even more for guidance. There's been a lot of orders coming in for readings and I actually really enjoy doing them for others. The feeling I get in my heart when I do a reading is indescribable. The feedback I receive after I've sent the reading is enough to make my whole day! It's such an awesome gift to be able to give to others.

If you would like a reading from me, you can visit my store here to book one. I'll be putting up a testimonial page soon too.


Oracle cards are a deck of cards that contain pictures and/or key words that represent a message (usually both). The number of cards in a deck varies, depending on the creator. Most decks come with a guidebook but not all do. Guidebooks can be quite helpful for beginners to understand the cards but the best way to use oracle cards is with your intuition.

Yes, they are different to tarot cards. Tarot decks have the same amount of cards and every card in a tarot deck is the same, it's just designed differently by each author/creator. Oracle cards do not have divisions and suits like tarot cards. And because oracle cards don’t have number, elemental, or suit references to help read them, the reader is forced to be more intuitive. This always appealed to me over tarot as I live my whole life intuitively and believe we should all live intuitively. That's not to say you don't use your intuitive abilities with tarot, but there is a tendency to rely on the individual card meanings more. There are some really beautiful decks out there, and the best way to find one is to go with whatever appeals to you!



Depends who you ask! Some people believe that they help you to understand your own thoughts and decisions. Others believe that the cards give you the means to access guidance from your spirit guides and the Universe. I believe in both. I call upon my spirit guides and the Universe to join me in each reading, and I open and activate my chakras, focusing on my crown and third eye. I meditate briefly beforehand and use crystals in all my readings. I stay open to receiving messages and my intuition is always heightened during a reading when I'm in this kind of space

There are also other elements to reading and interpreting the cards, such as reading into the colours, themes, understanding a collective message when pulling multiple cards, etc. 


There's really no rules to using a deck of oracle cards but there are some common spreads such as the 3 card spread which is your past, present and future. Not 10-years-into-the-future, but for guidance for what lies ahead (soon or immediate). You can pull a daily card, which will show you what to focus on that day, to reflect or meditate on, to remember throughout your experiences that day, or perhaps as to what is possibly going to happen in your day. You might have a specific question that you need some guidance and clarity on, and you can pull one card (or more if you feel guided to) that is for that specific question. There's health spreads, ways to use cards for business and more. It's such a useful tool in your spiritual box!

Here's an example reading: the other day I was feeling so over whelmed with all the surrounding negative energy, and had been going through some intense shit with endings and beginnings so I chose a deck (I work with more than 1) and pulled my usual 3 cards and had another jump out. 


The first card "opportunity" related to a period I've just come out of and matched up with the whole "beginnings" struggle. It signifies an opportunity that aligns with my desires (moving to the countryside). The present card was "healing" and matched up to the endings I'm going through. It is a message about the grief and loss of something I had cherished and is telling me that healing energy is all around me right now (the ending of a significant friendship that occurred 3 days beforehand). The third card "pleasure and pain" is for the period I'm going into and the card that jumped out "instincts" is a message direct from my guides. That one is all about using my instincts and intuition, my inner visionary.

The messages for each card go much deeper but as an example of a "standard" reading, that's how it works. There's this strange comforting feeling when you know you have these cards. In tough situations you never feel alone because you know you can access some guidance and tap into the answers using your own intuition. It's a good feeling!

I hope this post has given you a better idea on what oracle cards are and how they work. If you have specific questions about them you can leave them in a comment here and I'll get back to you!