Nurture the Heart Chakra with these Essential Oils

While it's well known that essential oils can have a powerful effect on healing the physical body, it is less known of the uses essential oils have for the spiritual or etheric body. As part of our energetic body, we have energy centres called Chakras. There are seven main chakras (from base to crown) and today I wanted to share a list of my favourite essential oils that you can use to nurture and open your heart chakra in particular. Heart chakra essential oils are typically oils that vibrate at a higher frequency and are quite the experience to use! Your heart chakra is the first of the more spiritual energy centres, and one that can always do with attention. It's located in the chest and is green in colour. It's the energy centre related to love, acceptance, forgiveness, relationships and attachments. Just reading over that shows that most people on this planet will need to regularly cleanse and balance their heart chakra. We can never have too much love in this world!

Below is a list of essential oils that can nurture the heart chakra, allowing you to open and expand it to more love and healing.

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Smoke Free Smudging With Essential Oils

smoke free smudgingThe ritual of smudging using dried herbs and plants is as old as time. I personally find it very effective and use this method weekly on myself, my home and objects like my crystals and tarot cards. However there are some people who don't like the smell of sage or palo santo, which are the two most common plants used for smudging. Perhaps you have allergies or other reasons for not wanting to smudge the traditional way, so I thought I would share an alternative way to cleanse and refresh the energy and air in your space - smoke free smudging with essential oils! 

Using essential oils can be a great alternative to smudging and won't fill your house with smelly smoke. If you already have and use oils then putting this together will be quick and easy. If you don't have any oils you can buy them online or try your local health food store. As you can see, my family uses doTERRA oils. 

Smoke free smudging can be done with a diffuser or a spray bottle. I tend to use the diffuser method the most, however if you want to do your whole house quickly or even your car then I suggest a spray bottle. Spray bottles are also easier to travel with to take to a hotel or friends home.

There are many oils that you can use for clearing your space but the ones listed here are my personal favourites. 

  • lemon / cleansing, purifying, lifts the mood and is such an all-round and essential oil
  • sage / well-known for releasing negative ions when burned, the oil is just as good
  • juniper berry / cleansing and grounding physically and energetically 
  • frankincense / one of the best oils to work on the subtle energies and body
  • purify cleansing blend / doTERRA's own blend, designed to cleanse a space of environmental threats
  • lavender / calming and relaxing

Simply add your selected oil/blend into your diffuser and let it do it's thing for a few hours. Set the intention that it will cleanse the space of any stagnant or negative energy and provide a clear and fresh space to work with. You can also diffuse your selected oils overnight (use a timer on your diffuser if it has one).

Something else I love to do is create a crystal essence with a crystal specifically chosen for clearing and protecting. I place it in a glass of water, setting my intentions and once it's ready I mix this water with the oils before spritzing into the room. You could also do this with a diffuser, using the gem-infused water to fill the diffuser before dropping in the oil. I particularly like to do this around full and new moons as I find my space needs a lot of clearing around those times but you can do it any time.

I hope you have now found some new ideas to help cleanse your space without needing to use smoke and fire!