Nurture the Heart Chakra with these Essential Oils

While it's well known that essential oils can have a powerful effect on healing the physical body, it is less known of the uses essential oils have for the spiritual or etheric body. As part of our energetic body, we have energy centres called Chakras. There are seven main chakras (from base to crown) and today I wanted to share a list of my favourite essential oils that you can use to nurture and open your heart chakra in particular. Heart chakra essential oils are typically oils that vibrate at a higher frequency and are quite the experience to use! Your heart chakra is the first of the more spiritual energy centres, and one that can always do with attention. It's located in the chest and is green in colour. It's the energy centre related to love, acceptance, forgiveness, relationships and attachments. Just reading over that shows that most people on this planet will need to regularly cleanse and balance their heart chakra. We can never have too much love in this world!

Below is a list of essential oils that can nurture the heart chakra, allowing you to open and expand it to more love and healing.


is good to open the heart chakra and encourages you to trust yourself and your capabilities to love and be loved unconditionally.


is useful for acceptance. Acceptance of yourself, others and situations. Acceptance means trying not to change anything, and acknowledging that things are how they are for your highest good (even if it doesn't feel like it).


best used to guide you in forgiveness. The ability to forgive relates to loving unconditionally so it is directly connected to the heart chakra.

heart chakra essential oils


ah Rose, the ultimate heart chakra oil... opening and expanding your chakra and saturating you in a healthy dose of LOVE. Rose essential oil is expensive and somewhat rare as it apparently it takes 10 kilos of rose petals to produce just one 5ml bottle of Rose essential oil.


to beat any anger or resentment. While we all experience moments of anger and usually for good reason, living like this often isn't healthy for all four bodies. Cardamom can cool the temper and bring you back to a place of love.


is for those who feel lonely even if they're surrounded by people. Loneliness is a condition of the heart and Cedarwood can help you remember that we are all connected and ease feeling of loneliness.

These are the oils we personally use on our heart chakra. When applying essential oils over my heart centre it's powerful practice to say an affirmation. Inhale the aroma of your oil deeply while repeating the affirmation. You can also try using your intuition when selecting an oil, and if it doesn't seem to resonate with the heart chakra, look up it's properties online or in a reference book and you may find it is linked in somehow.

If you like the idea of aligning and balancing all of your chakras at once, check out this crystal-infused Chakra blend. Combining essential oils with crystals, both specific to individual chakra, makes for a powerful synergy blend. It's so easy to include it in your morning ritual and of course it smells divine (no need for toxic perfumes!).

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