6 Must-Have Crystals For Your Collection

When people ask me what are the must-have crystals to begin their collection I understand their confusion as it can be an over whelming experience trying to understand what crystal you need and just where to start. There are a handful of crystals that I always recommend that are all easily obtainable and very effective in energy healing - including protection, manifestation and more. If I'm carrying one of the must-have crystals on me that day I usually gift it to them to help them begin their crystal healing journey. Depending if the person asking is a total beginner to crystals or energy healing in general, I will also suggest picking up a chakra set. These are usually little tumbled stones or flat stones and are sold as a set, but if not you can easily create your own set by purchasing the 7 stones yourself. Working with the chakras helps align and clear all of your four bodies and can address physical, mental, emotional and spiritual concerns just from using the seven crystals. I've previously written about the suggested crystals for each chakra, which is an easy and effective way to get started.

Below are 6 crystals I consider essential to have in your collection, and then you can expand from there adding stones you want for more specific reasons. All of these crystals are common and affordable making them easy to find in your local rock shop or even online.


for spirituality and third eye chakra work. Many people pick up an Amethyst as their first crystal. It's common, affordable and it's beautiful purple colour attracts children and adults alike. Hold it to your third eye during meditation to facilitate clairvoyant visions, or work with it to reduce stress and worries. A large cluster in your living area will raise, cleanse and balance the vibration for all in the home.

Clear Quartz

for clarity and general healing. Clear Quartz is an amplifier and considered the Master Healer of the crystal kingdom. Quarts channels all types of energy and helps with all types of healing. It's the stone to reach for if you're not sure which stone to use! Use it with your crown chakra to aid in meditation and to clear and focus the mind.


for abundance and vitality. Citrine has an intense energy that can be useful for attracting abundance of all kinds, including but not limited to financial abundance. Keep a small piece of Citrine in your purse to help keep a good flow of cash. Try to get your hands on natural Citrine, as the bright orange-coloured Citrine on the market is actually treated Amethyst. It also works with your Solar Plexus chakra.

Smokey Quartz

for grounding. This crystal is brown or black variety of Quartz that has been coloured by natural radiation from the earth. It helps with dissipating negativity, anger and depression and keeps your grounded. Try using it on the base chakra while doing a grounding meditation or visualisation.

Black Tourmaline

for protection. It's a powerful stone to ward off negative energies and a must-have crystal for empaths. There are a number of ways to use Black Tourmaline for protection around your home or for your body in this post. One method of using Black Tourmaline is to place a piece at the entrance to your home. This will help keep lower energies from entering with guests.

Rose Quartz

for compassion and self-love. Working with the heart chakra, you will find an abundance of Rose Quartz in new age rock shops or online. It's got a gentle and soft energy that can assist you in learning to love and accept yourself (and others) unconditionally. A piece placed in your bedroom can facilitate romance and a peaceful sleep. Children are often drawn to Rose QUartz for it's loving and calming vibes.

I would love to hear what your first few crystals were or what you would add as a must-have crystals below...