What Is Crystal Reiki?

In early 2017 I attained my Crystal Reiki Master level. Before doing my course I had never heard of it, and maybe you haven't either so today I wanted to share a little bit of information on Crystal Reiki. Crystal Reiki is it's own unique healing system that uses a specialised set of 15 symbols for energetic healing combined with the vibrational energy of physical crystals. When these symbols are used with a particular technique in combination with the healing effects of the physical stones and specific crystal grids on or around the body, there is the potential for amazing healing to occur. Crystal reiki can reduce stress, encourage relaxation, gently heal emotional trauma, promotes self love, manage physical pain and dis-ease in the body, and enhance meditation and spiritual work... just to name a few! The first session I did was to help someone post-surgery after a spinal fusion!

I think it's important to note that Crystal Reiki doesnt really have anything to do with traditional Usui Reiki, however it does use an attunement process which is similar to Usui Reiki. I have found that a lot of people assume this modality is just Reiki with some crystals thrown in for extra effect but this is not the case. This system is truly unique!

crystal reiki healing

Crystal Reiki is not as well-known as Usui Reiki, although similar, but it's an extremely powerful system that I want to share with everyone. The more love, light and healing we can all offer to the world (starting with ourselves) the better, in my eyes!

I studied the three levels and received my three attunements, which can be done distantly, just as the actual Crystal Reiki session can. I'm now qualified to not only offer Crystal Reiki sessions to my clients but also to train others in this amazing modality. If you think Crystal Reiki might be for you, click here to check out the online course.