Using Crystal Geodes For Healing & Manifesting

Large crystals can make for a great centrepiece in any room. Think of a beautiful cluster in the middle of your dining table, or a large glistening geode displayed in your living room. Not only are they beautiful to look at and a talking point with visitors but they can change the energy of your environment in one easy go. One of my favourite ways to do this is with crystal geodes. I have a beautiful quartz geode in my lounge room. I have had success recently working with it for healing purposes and wanted to share some ways for using crystal geodes for healing & manifesting in your life.


A geode is a hollow cavity within a rock that is lined with crystal points. Sometimes also referred to as crystal caves, however I personally think there is a difference but that's another post for another day.

Geodes are commonly found as amethyst, citrine, clear quartz and even calcite and agate. Inclusions are common and often make for more beautiful and powerful pieces. They come in all sizes, from fitting in your palm to bigger than you.

Most people know to cleanse and charge smaller crystals by placing them inside a geode, but did you know you can do more with these fascinating little crystal worlds?


Geodes are great for holding and storing energy, but did you know geodes can heal almost anything placed inside them. Obviously the bigger the geode the greater the possibilities, but if you want to heal your chronic headaches and cant sit inside your 10cm geode don't fear! I'll explain how to do that in the next section.

Have you seen this picture of a sweet kitten relaxing inside a big citrine cave? It's definitely healing and soaking up those vibrations!

Geodes carry the healing properties associated with their specific crystal type. So for example if you have a citrine geode, it would be extra powerful when used for healing abundance, creativity, eyesight, liver, nausea or solar plexus issues (to name just a few!). Of course you could use it for anything but the healing effect is 10 times more powerful when used for its associated "powers".

how to use a geode

Geodes are also powerful crystal formations for manifesting. A geode has hundreds of little points all pointing the same direction - to the centre of the cavity. All directing and amplifying the energy towards whatever is placed within the geode. This makes for a fantastic tool for manifesting.

First it is important get clear on your intention. The clearer, the better - mixed signals don't work for the LoA. From my experience, the more exact and concise you are with your intention, the better results you'll have. You may need to take some time to meditate or ask for guidance, but make sure it's only for your higher good and doesn't interfere with the free will of others.

Now on a small piece of paper, write down your intention. As you do this, try to visualise your intention coming to life. You want to put that kind of energy into your paper. Fold it up and place it inside your geode.

Hold the geode within your hands with the paper inside, and speak your intention aloud to consciously direct the crystal’s energy toward your goal. I do this every day but if you only remember to do it once a week thats fine. When we consciously work with crystal energy in this way, we are sending the universe a clear message that we're ready for the intention to manifest in our lives! I also like to sit and meditate with the geode in my hands, visualising and feeling what it would be like for the intention to manifest. From my experience with manifesting (with or without a geode!) this step is key to successful manifesting.

Clear quartz is an amplifier in itself so this is why I love working with my clear quartz geode for this purpose. A double whammy of amplified intentions! But if you wanted to manifest more money, you may be better off using your citrine geode - play around to see what feels and works best for you.

If your intention is to banish those pesky daily headaches I spoke of above, you would write an intention around this on some paper and do it this way. Much easier than trying to stick your head inside a hollow crystal ;)

how to use geodes

Geodes are also said to be associated with the star sign Virgo. I haven't looked too much into this but find it an interesting idea, as you can further your work with geodes by utilising the associations of Virgo. Geodes are fantastic for astral travel, communications and decisions and all spiritual growth.

They also make great homes for your pendulum, crystal jewellery or other smaller special crystals. I think they are definitely worth having in your collection and displaying in your main living areas for a better quality environment.