April 2017 Reading

These mini monthly readings are the energy the collective is being asked to be aware of and work with. The card/s pulled reflect the main theme in our lives for that month, that which might keep showing up for us, or where we may be healing and clearing etc. 

I write you these posts to empower you and arm you for the month ahead. So that you may recognise the signs and energy that show up and work with them to your highest potential. I also offer personal readings which are currently only offered through my newsletter [sign up box is below].

april intuitive reading


Many people proudly announce that they accept themselves for who they are - flaws and all. Maybe this rings true for you... but do you truly accept yourself? This means no judgement and no expectation. Truly accepting yourself means being patient, forgiving, kind and loving. Deep unconditional love. It means exploring your shadows and moving on from past hurts. Work through them, then release - don't let anything from the past or present bring your vibration down. Dwelling in this space is not loving yourself to your highest potential. And not loving yourself fully is not accepting yourself. There may be parts of you that are hard to face or require work - accept this. Work on this, then send them on with love. Acceptance starts with ourselves, before moving on to other areas of our lives

I get the sense many of us are feeling powerless at times, to create the life we truly desire. I receive messages and emails about this very topic all the time. This is understandable and it's natural to feel discouraged sometimes, but I am here this month to remind you - you have the power to create. Use your thoughts and intentions to ask the Universe for what you want. But first, ask yourself "does this align with my higher good?" If what your trying to manifest is purely for ego or out of envy, spite, jealously, anger etc then it is not for your highest good and you know the old saying - be careful what you wish for! If you've been doing some heavy manifesting lately, this month is time to "knuckle down" and really see, feel and believe. See and feel yourself living out your dream. Believe that not only is it possible, but it is coming to you! Seek out the opportunities and action that is required on your behalf to make this manifestation come alive. Open your arms, mind and heart to the abundance that will follow.

These two powerful cards came out together which also brings forward a message to accept where we are at within our personal manifestation journey. If you're feeling discouraged, or perhaps frustrated with the time it may be taking for your intentions to come to fruition, you are reminded to accept this just as it is. Don't question or judge the Universe and divine timing. Trust and accept.