How To Work With A Full Moon

With the full moon in Virgo occurring on the 13th of March 2017 at 1:53AM (AEDST), my dear friend Rhiannon from The Spiritual Toolbox has written an article for the Hippie Mumma tribe on how to work with a full moon. With a strong interest and understanding in astrology, Rhiannon is the founder of The Spiritual Toolbox which offers monthly subscription boxes, spreading love and light around the globe. They contain all the essential tools to empower your spiritual journey including crystals, essential oils, affirmation cards, herbal teas, candles and more.

There is an ancient awareness of the moon that dates back centuries, particularly with the power of the Full Moon. Our ancestors heavily relied on the natural energy that illuminated our skies. As time moved on, we have lost our touch with the closest celestial body to our Earth, and it’s effects go almost unnoticed in our busy lives. The Moon controls our tides, natural rhythms and cycles of fertility, animal breeding and migration patterns, and influences our emotions.

Lunar energy is at its most powerful during the time of the full moon. Traditionally, it is a time of celebration, reflection and releasing. Full Moons bring intensified energy and always show us what we need to see. It brings light into the darkness, and shines bright where you may need a shift in consciousness. It’s a time to listen to your 4 bodies (physical, mental, emotional and spiritual), reflect on what you need to let go of, and release this in order to move forward and grow. It’s the time to take action and remove the things that feel irritating and no longer serve you, or that have outlived their usefulness. It’s important to note that the lunar energy is still potent enough 2 days leading up to the Full Moon, and 2 days after the Full Moon to make the most of this phase.

how to work with a full moon

You can mark the occasion by doing something that honours YOU. This meaningful period of reflection and self care can be anything that feels right for you, whether alone, in a small group or at a large event. Some ways in which you can do this are:

  • Write down what you need to release in a journal or diary. You may even wish to safely burn this paper and return the ashes to the Earth afterwards.
  • Have a bath or go for a swim to re-energise yourself and cleanse any negative energy away from your aura.
  • Cleanse your crystals under the moonlight.
  • Meditate under the night’s sky, or by a window.
  • Turn off electronics and have a cup of tea and read a book.
  • Take part in a ‘circle’, which is a group of people who come together to either celebrate, or meditate together, or create your own circle with some friends and make your own special monthly tradition.
  • Create an alter of your favourite items and use this as a part of your ‘ritual’ to cleanse the space, and yourself of any built up energy that needs to be removed or released.

It could also be as simple as going to bed early with the intention to open yourself to any changes that might come your way over the course of the month. I personally have a backyard fire pit where we all get together and have a fun time celebrating all that is, and reflect on how far we’ve come over the months. Whatever you end up doing, there is no right or wrong way, just trust your instincts. Happy Full Moon!

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