March 2017 Reading

These mini monthly readings are the energy the collective is being asked to be aware of and work with. The card/s pulled reflect the main theme in our lives for that month, that which might keep showing up for us, or where we may be healing and clearing etc. 

I write you these posts to empower you and arm you for the month ahead. So that you may recognise the signs and energy that show up and work with them to your highest potential. I also offer personal readings which are currently only offered through my newsletter [sign up box is in the sidebar --->].

march collective reading


These two cards were pulled from the deck stuck together, which often indicates their message is a combined one. This allows me to weave their story together and deliver a more detailed meaning.

The energy of March should be more of a calm and introspective one. There will be plenty of opportunities to delve within and go deeper, to really KNOW yourself and have those moments where you understand why you are like you are, or how something in the past has shaped you. Hyena tells us that this is more likely to be shadow work. It's time to strip back another layer. You have the support this month to process your shadow self and change or reshape parts of you that are not serving your highest good. In particular, pay attention to how you rely on sarcasm and humour, to mask how you really feel about a situation or person. What are you not voicing?

Camel reminds us to rely more on our internal resources, because you are stronger than you think! Look within for answers and calm. March has the potential to be a transformative month if you wish - you will be able to shed new light and evolve as a soul. That's why we are all here after all.