Crystals For Chakra Healing

One of my favourite ways to work with my stones is using crystals for chakra healing. On the rare occasion I find myself with 20 minutes of alone time you'll likely see me lying down with 7 coloured crystals along the centre line of my body. I have also performed chakra healings on other people, assessing the health of their chakras with a pendulum before using crystals to bring their chakras back into balance. It's powerful, it's calming and it's more common then you think! In fact, over 50 people have already taken my Chakra Healing with Crystals course!

If you're completely new to this, you may be wondering what a chakra even is. The word "chakra" is a Sanskrit word that translates to wheel or disk. These spinning wheels of colour allow energy to flow through our body and they each have their own special vibrational frequency. When a chakra becomes blocked, sluggish or even over-active they can affect all of our four bodies (physical, mental, emotional and spiritual). It's important to assess and balance our chakras often, especially if doing a lot of subtle energy work.

Although there are over 100 chakras, today I wanted to focus on the seven main ones and their corresponding crystal. Each chakra has a colour associated with it and when we use crystals that produce certain vibrations that are aligned with this colour and frequency we can truly bring these energy centres back to a place of balance. Here is a list of crystals for chakra healing. Let's start with our first chakra:


BASE CHAKRA Red in colour and located at the base of your spine. It is related to your external world, survival and sense of security.

  • Red Jasper

  • Smokey Quartz

  • Black Tourmaline

  • Fire Agate

  • Ruby

SACRAL CHAKRA This chakra is orange in colour, located near your navel. It processes energy around your emotions, sex, pleasures and cravings.

  • Carnelian

  • Sunstone

  • Tangerine Quartz

SOLAR PLEXUS CHAKRA A beautiful spinning wheel of golden yellow, this chakra is in your stomach area and is connected to your self esteem, self worth, power and strength.

  • Citrine

  • Pyrite

  • Amber

HEART CHAKRA Green in colour and located over your heart of course. This chakra processes energy related to self acceptance, love and relationships.

  • Green Aventurine

  • Rose Quartz

  • Jade

  • Green Calcite

THROAT CHAKRA This chakra is blue and located in your throat. it is connected to speaking your truth, communication and self expression.

  • Sodalite

  • Blue Quartz

  • Aquamarine

  • Lapis Lazuli

THIRD EYE CHAKRA This chakra is purple in colour and is located between your two physical eyes. It's the energy centre for clairvoyance, intuition and psychic abilities.

  • Amethyst

  • Fluorite (particularly purple)

  • Lepidolite

CROWN CHAKRA Spinning at the top of your head and white or clear in colour it's your connection to the divine. It relates to you sense of knowing and spirituality.

  • Selenite

  • Clear Quartz

  • Celestite

  • Apophyllite

  • Stilbite

This is by no means a comprehensive list. If you choose one corresponding crystal for each chakra from this list, you have yourself a crystal chakra kit. Ensure they are cleansed, charged and programmed for the purpose of healing and balancing whichever chakra it relates to. Place them on your chakras for at least 20 minutes, and close your eyes and visualise them doing their thing! Tumbled stones work best for this and they are also comfortable for body placement.

Using crystals for chakra healing is easy to do and can have wonderful effects.

If you are ready to learn more about the chakras and how to use crystals to bring them into harmony for yourself and others check out my online Chakra Healing With Crystals course.