Christmas Oracle Message

img_4260cropped Spirit has guided me to share a short message with you this Christmas. The meaning this card brings is important. Spend a few moments mulling over what this means for you..

December can be a crazy time of year and come Christmas Day many of us will feel frazzled and low in energy. This card is asking us to take the time to truly enjoy the holiday and take care of ourselves. Let the loving and joyous atmosphere and the celebrations of this holiday period restore you on a deeper soul level. If you are blessed with good weather, spend time in nature. Be creative and do something you find fun but also enjoy periods of rest and relaxation. A balance of activity and rest will help you to restore your energy.

With the year coming to an end it's often when we find ourselves reflecting back on the year that was. Spend some time in quiet reflection, see where you have grown, changed and healed. This process will bring restoration to your four bodies, clearing the way for you to manifest a beautiful start to 2017.

Merry Christmas,