November 2016 Reading

Here is the forecast for the month of November. It is the energy the collective is being asked to be aware of and work with. The card/s pulled reflect the main theme in our lives for that month, that which might keep showing up for us, or where we may be healing and clearing etc. Newsletter/subscription readings are currently on hold. However I am available for private readings (here). end


This month we will see many opportunities to finalise and wipe our hands clean. Of what, will be different for everyone. For some people, the endings this month will be voluntary, and for others involuntary. If sadness surrounds you during these endings, know that the cycle continues and soon you will be opening new doors and welcoming new beginnings. A word that comes to me is REBIRTH. Take the opportunity this month to release and rid all toxic people, possessions and circumstances from your life. Doing so makes way for the new and lighter energy to flow in. It stimulates the process of change which is the only way to move forward.