September 2016 Reading

This is the forecast for the month of September. It is the energy the collective is being asked to be aware of and work with. The card/s pulled reflect the main theme in our lives for that month.

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Mostly living underground, foxes retreat into their dens where it is safe and warm. And while he represents the need to take swift action in life, he also is a message to retreat. Because unlike many dogs who operate in a pack system the fox is a solitary animal. He prefers to work on his missions alone and after a day of hunting and fulfilling his needs he goes back to his burrow to sleep alone. Imagine the quiet in the fox's mind, being alone and able to go deep within to find answers... And so we are asked to dive deep within this month to make sure we are coming from a place of love and peace in all that we do. Being in solitude is where we can restore and re-energise our four bodies, especially now that Spring is here. It's time to spend that final moment in the depths of ourselves to rest, listen and restore, ready to emerge from hibernation and embrace the new season.

Decisions that you need to make this month will require you to be aware and on the ball. There will be no time for hesitation or mistakes, and the best way to trust you're making the right decisions in whatever situation you find yourself in is to let that decision come to you while in solitude. Ensure others are not offering their advice and company out of deceit, and trust that you know the right actions to take already - you just need to reach inside to access them. 

Spend some time outside at night this month, soak up some moon beams and feel inspiration and answers come to you, as the fox is a wonderful night animal. Also consider meditating and journalling. Enjoy some alone time, enjoy the opportunity to nourish yourself and listen to the guidance that will come.