June 2016 Forecast

Every month I post a monthly forecast here on my blog, for the collective. For subscribers - sign up using the opt-in box to the right - I send out weekly forecast emails in shorter bite-sized readings so you can make the most of the week ahead (currently on hiatus due to my focus on our newborn!). These will hit your inbox on Sunday nights so you’re able to read them and get focused in time. I'm also available for private readings, available here.

Here is the forecast for the month of June. This is the energy the collective is being asked to be aware of and work with. The card/s pulled reflect the main theme in our lives for that month.



As we enter the darker months of the year the energy can often feel slower and heavier. At those times, it's useful to go within and seek answers and comfort there. And this month the card I pulled reminds us to connect with our higher selves at this time. Your higher self is YOU. It is that place and part of you that is heart centred, that is only good, that already knows, that is based off intuition and love. Your higher self is waiting to give you messages and answers and reassure you this month. When the energy feels heavier and all is slowing down, turn inwards and ask your higher self for guidance. It will always come, for that is the job of your higher self. To connect, try automatic writing or meditation and see what opens up to you this month.