May 2016 Forecast

Every month I post a monthly forecast here on my blog, for the collective. For subscribers - sign up using the opt-in box to the right - I send out weekly forecast emails in shorter bite-sized readings so you can make the most of the week ahead (currently on hiatus due to impending birth!). These will hit your inbox on Sunday nights so you’re able to read them and get focused in time. I'm also available for private readings, available here.

Here is the forecast for the month of May. This is the energy the collective is being asked to be aware of and work with. The card/s pulled reflect the main theme in our lives for that month.



With 5 planets in retrograde at this time, many of us are feeling the effects. There is a lot happening... there is groundwork being asked of you, miscommunications, confusion and even withdrawal. There are so many areas of our life coming up for review at this time. This card asks us to embrace it all to our best abilities! To buckle up and hold on. To flow with life. To stand strong against the waves that hit you and then take a breather as the tide draws back out before another wave smashes in. Because this month will feel a bit like that - up and down, back and forth, hard and soft. You'll feel you've gotten on top of one thing and yet another situation will then arise to deal with. And do deal with them - embrace all that comes, do not avoid and resist. Embrace it all, for especially the hardest times in life are our greatest lessons. And of course embrace the blessings in life. Embrace those around you and send gratitude to the Universe.