April 2016 Forecast

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A few days late this month, but never the less here is the collective energy reading for April:



While shuffling, the New Perspective card jumped out of the deck and I then felt guided to pull one more card. With April being a retrograde month - meaning all planets except Venus are in retrograde - these cards don't surprise me much as it's often a time to go inwards and reflect, assess and restructure (depending on the signs the planets are in etc). This month is about looking at the current situations in your life from a new angle. In particular we are asked to find a new perspective when considering our life purpose. With so many light workers rising, and so many souls spiritually awakening at this time, it feels like everyone is trying to jump into the same boat at the same time to offer what they know so far... this may very well be your purpose in life - to share and inspire - but we're asked this month to view this from another way. Is your purpose in life right now to just learn? For the truth is that our life purpose is to be awake in the present moment. Every moment. If we are fully conscious and present in the now, we are doing exactly what we're meant to be. So slow down this month and see where you can restructure your habits, beliefs, thoughts, relationships and life circumstances. Sometimes just a slight shift in the way we view things can turn a situation around completely and it will all suddenly make perfect sense and any blockages we experienced move.