March 2016 Forecast

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I love this card, it holds such a beautiful message and reminder that we have the power to remove what we wish to, and dream into what we want. Closely linked to last month's card, the message presented for us this month is to release and clear out all stagnant energy and layers from all aspects of our life, and from all four bodies. Again we are asked to release anything with a lower vibration, any toxic people, physical ailments, limiting beliefs and thoughts - anything that is blocking you from receiving, or is no longer for your highest good. Clear out the debris in your life and watch how you open yourself up to receiving and manifesting new beginnings. It's also a good month to do a physical clean and clear of your environment - much like a Spring clean (except in Autumn!). 

A note: I'm taking a short break from weekly subscriber readings as I work through so low energy I'm currently experiencing in pregnancy. Private readings are currently open if you wish to book one with me.