February 2016 Forecast

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A beautiful and powerful card for the month of February. This card asks of us to consider what no longer serves us... what no longer is for our highest good. What is restricting our growth? What is dampening our efforts? What are we trying to control but do not really have that grasp on? Well actually most things are indeed out of our control. We need to release and surrender anything with a lower vibration in our lives right now. It could be emotions and thoughts, it could be old habits and ideals. Fear is a common one. Or perhaps it's something more physical - a relationship or possession? Surrender whatever it is for you. If we do this as a collective can you just imagine the sigh of relief we'd all feel? We would all would feel lighter, and this would affect each person we come into contact with. Allow things to flow in and out of your life as they are meant to. Trust the Universe. We are being asked to do this this month so that we can allow ourselves to upshift, for more light to enter our worlds. So we can expand our current growth and in turn help others who are entering this space of awakening.

Subscribers will also know that this card was the card that represented the last week of January. So there's some major work going on here and as I said in the newsletter, it coincides wonderfully with the full moon.