Crystals For Pregnancy + Birth

There's nothing comparable to the 9 or so months a little being and soul is within your womb, and the connection you have as you foster it's growth and development ready for the day or night they are meant to arrive earth side. It's special and bonding, it's surreal, scary and exciting. All at once. It's beautiful. And there are ways to connect more with your baby during pregnancy than you might realise. Ways that might help you prepare, bond more, or even learn more about the life purpose and teachings of your new baby. You can meditate, converse with your Guides, use oracle and tarot cards... and of course use crystals.

Today I wanted to share with you which crystals I recommend for pregnancy and childbirth and how I've personally been incorporating them into my life this pregnancy.

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My favourite stone for pregnancy is Unakite. It's a form of Jasper which is a very common crystal used for pregnancy. Unakite is useful for both pregnancy and labour. During pregnancy Unakite is good for connecting with your baby spiritually as this crystal goes beyond the physical plane and works at a spiritual level to connect and understand. I really gravitated towards this in the early pregancy days. It's also good for promoting a healthy pregnancy for both mother and fetus. Unakite helps the transition in labour and keeps you calm and centred. It's good for the reproductive system in general.

Rose Quartz is all about love, unconditional love, acceptance, and it has a beautiful soft motherly energy. Place a piece of rose quartz on your belly to foster the loving bond between you and bub. Rose quartz is also good for post natal depression when worn consistently (think a pendant or bracelet). Take a piece of rose quartz to the hospital (or wherever you're birthing) to keep by the baby after birth as it has very soothing and loving energy. It's great for healing both mother and newborn baby.

The most well known pregnancy stone is Jasper. As mentioned above with Unakite, there are many forms of Jasper. It has a strong connection to Mother Earth which also resonates with a new mother or mother-to-be. It's a strong spiritual and grounding stone and easily obtainable. Jasper is also believed to help the fetus grow strong and to offer great support for a healthy pregnancy.  The best type of Jasper for pregnancy is any really, but Ocean Wave Jasper is especially useful - it supports pregnancy and childbirth, breast feeding, infant protection and care taking.  Meditating with ocean wave jasper facilitates honouring gestation, birth and new lives. It helps emotionally new mothers and mothers-to-be. Physically, ocean wave jasper is ideal for treating morning sickness.

Lapis Lazuli is a fantastic crystals to use specifically for labour pain. To use it, tape it over the site of pain. Lapis Lazuli is also believed to prevent miscarriages and generally improve pregnancy. It's a common and easily available crystal so it's definitely one to add to your kit!

Jade is good for boosting milk supply. I had an oversupply and fast let down last time so will likely have it again, which means I'll be avoiding Jade! If you have a low supply, try wearing Jade as a pendant consistently to help increase your supply. Jade is also believed to help increase fertility.

Hematite is useful for fatigue in pregnancy. It's a very grounding stone but shouldn't be worn and used continuously. I've spent many times holding Hematite in my fists, grounding myself in the backyard during this pregnancy.

For those who suffer with nausea or morning sickness there are crystals that can help! Red Aventurine and Brown Agate are among a few crystals that help fight nausea. Jasper (again) can be useful too (see above). Place them over your sacral chakra for 20-30 mins at a time.

And lastly how could I leave out the delicious Moonstone. With such a gentle mothering lunar energy, it's a useful and I often  recommended this crystal for fertility issues. But it's also useful for pregnancy and as a new mother. Moonstone is very healing for a pregnant woman, and can aid contractions and milk supply.

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