2016 Workbooks

Obviously I love to write. I also love to plan and set goals and intentions. Writing down your dreams is very powerful (I do this ritual every new moon!). People under-estimate the power of the written word. When it comes to planning for the year ahead I love working with hard copy workbooks. Being a stay at home mum, a blogger and a small business owner I really need to get organised but love the idea of planning my goals and year through my heart and not just my head like a general planner. So here are my fave picks of 2016 workbooks. I hope one of them speaks to you!


The amazing and talented Susannah Conway has just released her 2016 workbook! She has kindly been delivering these short but soulful workbooks for seven years running. Also available is a 2016 calendar, of course all beautifully designed. The workbook contains questions about yourself, the year gone and ahead, spaces for card reading, space to ponder challenges, achievement, goals and lots more. Much like myself Susannah is a big believer in setting a word for for the year ahead so I really love this book! If you print the PDF at Office Works in full colour and have it bound it comes to about $30. Or print it yourself at home. But you certainly want to work with it in colour - it's gorgeous!

Oh and did I mention it is FREE to download? Available here. 




This year Leonie Dawson has split the workbooks into two separate products. These are super popular and there are hundreds of thousands of goddesses from around the world using these. There's also a supportive and friendly Facebook group for those who have a planner to discuss and connect. These are comprehensive workbooks and my personal favourite! Her designs are cute and feminine and if you follow Leonie you'll know how much of a character she is! If you follow these workbooks you will get results. They are awesome to look back on at the end of the year to see your progress. The biz one is great for any type of business owner and is a really good eye opener to how much you need to write down and plan to create! 

Both 2016 workbooks are available in digital or hardcopy (I recommend the hard copy). And she also has different bundles available, calendars and a 2016 planner. Phew! Prices start from $9.95.

Grab your copy here!




One for the fellow Bloggers! Kate has put together a very useful planner and workbook for 2016. It covers goals, finances, checklists, guided planning and sooooo much more. And as usual it is gorgeously designed. A little on the expensive side for a digital product (30 bucks) but in my opinion it's still worth it (as are her e-courses). 

Here's the link to the limited printed version. And this is the digital workbook. Oh and on a side note, I too love Kester Black nail polish, check them out!



By Danielle LaPorte - one of my biggest inspirations - these 2016 books are to die for. More of a planner and diary then a workbook, however Danielle is all about soul work so there are lots of pages of deep questions, gratitude, goals and of course space for monthly core desired feelings. It's a productive daily planner for those who live and work through their heart and soul. And of course it's got a beautiful design. Available in daily or weekly format too. $44USD.

Grab a copy here. Related, but not 2016 exclusive, is her Desire Map Journal which I highly recommend. 


I'm a little ashamed to admit I usually get all of these workbooks every year. I've asked for the #blogyeah workbook for Christmas so I hope Santa delivers the goods!

Which workbooks are you drawn to? Why not get a little inspiration for the New Year and treat yourself to a 2016 workbook too.