September 2015 Forecast


Aside from freaking out that it's September tomorrow (!) times are very wishy washy right now for many of us. The full moon in Pisces is an emotional one. It was also a super moon so everything was heightened! Fun times. So with that being said, pulling cards can show us a lot of clarity and peace. The following cards have been pulled to represent the message for us a collective to grow, heal and expand in the month of September.

L I F E  •  P U R P O S E  and  S O U L  •  M A T E S

When we look at these two cards combined, we can see that the month ahead is an opportunity to learn and progress through life lessons in relation to our soul mates. Soul mates in themselves are here to offer you lessons to further grow and expand, and for you to offer them lessons. So pulling these two cards together didn't surprise me.  Soul mates are not always romantic partners as commonly thought, although they certainly can be!  A soul mate can be a friend, your boss or your mother and you will have many soul mates throughout your lifetime. September is a time to really take note of what your current soulmates are here to teach you. What are they are offering you? Are they challenging you with something you are uncomfortable about? If they making things tough for you, remember that this is okay and should be looked at with gratitude, for they are teaching you something. Perhaps they are teaching you love and compassion, or how to be patient, or something more in depth about healing your inner child. The possibilities are endless and are individual for every person who reads this. Take note and reflect at the end of September to see what came of it.

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