How To Moon Chart


I posted awhile back that I'm currently studying to become a Certified Metaphysical Practitioner. After this course I'm actually enrolling in a DIPLOMA of complementary studieswhich will cover metaphysical practices even more in depth. But that's not the point of this post (that's just me getting excited!).

One of the modules in the course I'm currently doing is a Lunar journey. We learn about the moon and her ways, what it means when she is in different signs and how it affects us down here on planet Earth. We study the ways in which best to harness her energy at different times, tools to aid us and so much more. One thing we had to do was moon chart for a full month. This would help us connect with Lunar on a daily basis and let us learn how she affects us personally. 

I thought I would struggle with the daily task of colouring in and journalling but I completed the full lunar cycle and have continued to do it daily since.

I couldn't find much information on moon charting when I did a Google search so I thought I would write my own post on how to get started. I've also designed a moon wheel which is how I like to moon chart (accompanied with short journal entries). It's totally free and ready for you to download! 



Moon charting has been done for a long time by women who want to understand and connect with their menstrual cycle. However, the moon charting I have done can be about anything you want. Moon charting is simply understanding the connection the moon placement has on your 4 bodies. When we remember the influence the moon has on the water and it's tides, we are also reminded that our bodies are 80% water so it is of no wonder that it can affect us so much. It greatly helps connect to our intuition and divine feminine. The moon affects everyone different, based on the planetary alignments when you were born, and on a current daily basis. Personally I am a Cancerian with my moon sign being Aquarius. Cancerians are ruled by the moon so I am extremely sensitive to dear old Lunar and her ways.


  • A journal or book to write in
  • Coloured pens or pencils
  • A moon charting template such as my free one above (or draw your own)
  • An app such as "Deluxe Moon" (not necessary but very helpful)


First you'll need to print off a moon wheel, such as the free one I have designed above (you're welcome!). You'll need 5 minutes to fill it out for the month ahead. I recommend starting this on the new moon, but it isn't necessary - you can start whenever you like, so long as you know what phase the moon is in. For that reason, I suggest starting new or full moon so you can be sure it's accurate. Around the outside of the wheel, write the date. If you're starting on the new moon, it would look like this:


Clearly my printer needs a new toner.

You may now want to fill in some sort of legend on the other side of the page. This month, mine looks like this:


At the end of each day, before bed, take a few quiet moments to settle into a grounded space. Over a few minutes meditation, recall how you felt that day or felt around whatever specific theme you are charting. Use your pencils to colour in the wheel for that day. Open up your Deluxe Moon app (or whatever you want to use) and see what sign the moon is in. Write that on the little outer space like this, where it says "leo" and "virgo".


In your journal, write a short entry about your day and specifically around whatever you are charting. You don't have to do this daily but I do suggest checking in every 2-3 days. You could just jot down some keywords that reflect your day or you could go into detail. I also note what sign the moon is in with each entry too.

And that's it. It takes 5 minutes each night to complete! After a few months you might notice some patterns emerging. You'll learn when you're peaking with energy, when you're most motivated, when you shouldn't plan social events because you're in an ebb phase (retreating, solitary)... so much you can discover!

Throughout moon charting I would suggest spending as much time with Lunar as you can. Go outside for a few minutes each night and feel her energy. Imagine her lights washing over you body, cleansing you and heightening your intuition. Being Winter I know it might not be that enticing!