Using Crystals For Anxiety

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 Anxiety is thankfully becoming less of a taboo topic these days. I suffered with anxiety for many years of my life and still have the occasional day where I feel my nervous energy levels rising. I always reach for my crystals (and the Rescue Remedy!) when I need to sooth my anxious energy. Crystals are a wonderful tool for working on anxiety. The convenience of tumbled stones means you can carry your chosen crystal with you all day in your pocket, or even in your hands. While it's working away on your energy and vibrations, holding it in your hands is also a physical reminder to stop, breathe and to remember you are supported.

Alternatively, wearing crystals in the form of jewellery is another way to incorporate them into your daily life. Pendants, bracelets and even rings not only look beautiful but they are on your body all day, able to work with you to help reduce your anxiety. I often have jewellery listed in my crystal store.

Sleeping with the suggested crystals below is another great idea, especially if your anxiety interfere with your sleep patterns. Pop them under your pillow or on your bed head (or bedside). While there are many healing and calming crystals available, the small list below is what I have found to be most helpful and is also based on feedback from friends and customers who have used crystals for anxiety.

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WHITE HOWLITE is one of my favourite stones for anxiety. For some reason, howlite doesn't seem to be a commonly recommended crystal for anxiety but it's well known to reduce anxiety and anger levels along with insomnia. It's great to use for a mind that's racing, especially at bed time. 

While blue howlite is dyed, it is still very useful for anxiety - blue is a calming and soothing colour and when mixed with the natural properties of Howlite you have yourself a potent calming stone. The first stone my daughter Olivia ever picked was a tumbled blue howlite, and she held it to fall asleep for over a year. Now she knows to hold it when she is feeling over whelmed and anxious (she is only 3!). Try holding a piece of howlite to your third eye to gain a sense of calm.

BLUE CALCITE is a very calming crystal. it's vibrations and smooth and light, yet powerful in healing. It soothes nervous energy, lessens anxiety and reduces any stress and tension in the body.

TURQUOISE is another popular crystal for anxiety. Real turquoise is getting more expensive but it's definitely still available. I've sold it a few times through the store and try to make people aware of the dyed howlite that's often sold as turquoise. While dyed howlite is great (as mentioned above), if you're after the specific properties and vibrations of turquoise, please ensure it's the real deal! 

BLACK TOURMALINE is often used for protecting your energy field against negative vibrations, and for drawing negative energies away from a person. Therefore, it can have a calming effect on you, grounding any flighty or scattered energies into the earth. Sit with a large chunk of it in your hands and visualise it absorbing your negative and anxious energy.