August 2015 Forecast


L I F E  •  P U R P O S E 

Many people ask for card readings because they feel lost, and need guidance. I've done a lot of readings to help give people guidance on their life path but truth be told our purpose is to be in each and every moment. Wherever we are at any given time is exactly where we should be, to be both learning lessons and teaching them. This is our life's purpose. Your life's purpose isn't necessarily your job or career as a lot of people think. Think of it on more of a soul level.

This month we are being called to focus on being present. To make the most of each moment, to be conscious of what we are taking and what we are offering. Being present is a job for all 4 bodies - physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. This month, try to remain grounded. Try to be mindful, to be open to receiving and wiling to give in each and every moment. Share your talents and your passion with whoever is in front of you for they are there for a reason and you have your particular skills for a reason.

I'm practicing my life's purpose by doing this blog post! 

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