Are You Missing Signs From The Universe?


I've had a mobile phone for the last 10 or so years of my life. And I've had incredibly good luck with them! Until now.

I don't recall the trusty old Nokia 3310's ever breaking, and even when the iPhone's came out I never smashed a screen or has any issues, despite constantly dropping them and not using cases. My friends were always smashing their screens, dropping it in the toilet or notifying everyone that they were uncontactable for awhile due to a broken phone. Yet somehow I never had these problems.

But now...! This year alone I've broken my screen about 4 times. I'm not being more careless, and I've even started using a case! BUT IT JUST KEEPS HAPPENING. The first time it happened I was so upset but now it's just getting pretty annoying (and expensive). My phone was out of action for about 5 days last week. That meant no calls, texts, Instagram, taking photos etc. Sometimes it was pretty annoying like when I needed to transfer money in my bank app while I was in Woolies, or when I was trying to look at a map to get around town. But overall I've been enjoying the periods when I'm forced to be in the moment and not distracted by my phone.

Taking that into account, I started to wonder why I keep breaking my phone and suddenly I knew... it was a message. A sign.

The Universe sends us signs and symbols all the time. Sometimes we notice, but most of us don't. They can be shown as repetition in symbols, numbers, even music and colours. The tricky part is knowing what they mean. I find that interpreting them can be even harder than recognising them. But these messages and signs are pointing you in the right direction, so trust and follow.

I took my phone breaking 4 times in as many months as a message to be present. To be in the moment and take time to rest and restore my energy. To focus on what was in front of me at every given moment. It was a subject I had been meditating on for some weeks already, before I realised the phone-breaking message. Especially around Olivia... I've been so conscious of it for weeks now, but not really implementing it. Then it's like the Universe/my guides said "here, we'll help you!" *smash* 

The Hubby thinks it's a sign to stop being so clumsy, but I believe I've heard the message now so let's see if it continues.

Do you ever notice repetitive signs from the Universe and your guides? It's like a bitch slap across the face, numerous times until you get the message!! 

What repetitions have you seen in your life lately? Comment on this post and I'll let you know what I interpret it to be.