New Moon In Taurus

I'm posting this a few days early this week. Usually I post these readings the day before the new/full moon or week ahead, but I felt like a change this week ;) Perhaps a heads up, so to speak, will be beneficial for you?

The new moon this month occurs on Monday 18th May at 2:15PM (AEST).

New moons are a lighter energy for me personally (as opposed to a full moon). While all the moon phases offer ideal times for working with intentions (and every aspect of life really), the new moon is something I look forward to.

They feel like a second chance. Or 100th chance in some cases! A new moon is when we should be setting our intentions. Feel the intention in your heart, in your body. We usually start to receive our intentions when the moon is in it's third quarter.

Mercury, the planet of communication and consideration is also stationing retrograde as the moon renews itself. What has been coming up for you over the past week? Repetitive thoughts, messages etc. This is what you will be working on when Mercury retrogrades.

The following energy reading is for the week of the new moon - May 17th.



I love chakra cards! I feel like they are such a direct message for us to focus on. The crown chakra is located at the top of your head. It relates to spirituality, the universe and "clear knowing" as it's your connection to the divine. Pulling this card, I think the week ahead will hold a lot of downloading for us. By downloading I mean lots of messages coming in, lots of direction and guidance and clear messages although some of us may not recognise them, and others will - it depends on where you are at with this kind of stuff. We'll all be connected this week, and feeling very supported. This card sometimes implies that a chakra cleanse may be in order... if you have a chakra meditation now would be a great time to do it! Ensure your beliefs, trust and thoughts on spirituality are in line with your true self right now, as this can throw this chakra out (especially as the crown chakra is the culmination and combination of all chakras). In relation to the new moon and setting intentions, this crown chakra card is a reminder that setting intentions is easy, and once done, out of our hands. Your connection to the Universe, and trust in your spirit guides, will be enough to see your intentions come to light in a few weeks. Remain open and connected through your crown chakra this week.