New Moon Reading (April 2015)


A new moon is about new beginnings, a time of change and planting seeds for the future. In fact the new moon is when farmers used to sow their seeds for a new crop to harvest! The new moon is a time to start manifesting what you want in your life.

The reading below is for the week of 19th April 2015 and was channelled under the energy of the new moon which occurs on 19th April at 4:58AM (Sydney time).

HIGH FLYING This card ties in perfectly with the notion that a new moon is about manifesting and beginning your dreams. The high flying card is about feeling your vibes lift, about being on the way to experiencing success. It's about your head taking instructions from your heart, about focusing on creating momentum towards your goal. It's an awesome time - what great energy! It's a good idea to take note of what you do right now, what personal tools you use, to shift up to this gear, for future reference to draw upon. What is the quality of your thoughts? What's inspiring you? This week is a promising week if you truly are ready to reach for your goals and be high flying into success. The Universe and your guides support you in this time :)