Full Moon & Eclipse Reading

This is such a powerful and magical time right now the energy is intense, can you feel it? There is a full moon on Saturday (11:06pm Sydney time) and a total lunar eclipse. Wow! As told by Elizabeth Peru, this full moon energy is about radical justice and righting of wrongful ways. What this means is that any energy which has been misused in any way will balance itself. After so much going on in my personal life this message has been comforting to me, and I hope you find something in it for you too.

The reading below is for the week ahead and was channelled under the energy of the impending full moon and eclipse:

INNER CHILD We all have our inner child in us, in our spiritual hearts. Your inner child is like any other child, one that needs rest, work and play and finding that balance can be tricky for a lot of us. This card is urging us to go outside and play and have fun! To get creative, to have sufficient rest and nutrition, to let go of that weight on your shoulders right now and just explore what the world around you has to offer. Try to see yourself as a child of the Universe always learning and in need of guidance. Don't expect too much of yourself! With the current eclipse season presenting some challenging energy and situations over the past 2 weeks, it's time to let yourself go - have some time to play and rest, just like a child does without a care in the world.

BE FEARLESS Fears of our dreams is the message I'm getting here, of our goals and ambitions for our dream life. When the circumstances or opportunities arise that bring our desires to us, we can suddenly shy away, second guess, and let fear consume us. Pulling this card is a message that we have tremendous strength and courage and to not let fear stand in the way! Step out in pursuit of your dreams, embrace all the opportunities... it's an expansive time right now! April is full of YES YES YES energy! But fear will only hold you back and keep you rooted in self doubt and judgement. Place your trust in your spirit guides and your higher self. it's good to explore your fears, as they may hold lessons, but do not let them consume you (otherwise you may actually manifest it!). This week we must move forward fearlessly - no one or no thing can have power over us unless we allow it. 

Happy Easter and long weekend xx