What Are Oracle Cards?


With all the interest in energy and oracle card readings, I thought I'd do this little post on what oracle cards are and how I use them. But wow it's been a crazy past 2 weeks here and I think the energy has been pretty intense for everyone over the last 5-7 days. Have you felt it? It's all planetary. It's the super new moon, the eclipse, the equinox (it's beautiful autumn!) - so much going on.

I use my oracle cards almost daily for myself, no matter if life is flowing with ease or I'm struggling with some challenges. But when when things are intense I turn to my oracle cards even more for guidance. There's been a lot of orders coming in for readings and I actually really enjoy doing them for others. The feeling I get in my heart when I do a reading is indescribable. The feedback I receive after I've sent the reading is enough to make my whole day! It's such an awesome gift to be able to give to others.

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Oracle cards are a deck of cards that contain pictures and/or key words that represent a message (usually both). The number of cards in a deck varies, depending on the creator. Most decks come with a guidebook but not all do. Guidebooks can be quite helpful for beginners to understand the cards but the best way to use oracle cards is with your intuition.

Yes, they are different to tarot cards. Tarot decks have the same amount of cards and every card in a tarot deck is the same, it's just designed differently by each author/creator. Oracle cards do not have divisions and suits like tarot cards. And because oracle cards don’t have number, elemental, or suit references to help read them, the reader is forced to be more intuitive. This always appealed to me over tarot as I live my whole life intuitively and believe we should all live intuitively. That's not to say you don't use your intuitive abilities with tarot, but there is a tendency to rely on the individual card meanings more. There are some really beautiful decks out there, and the best way to find one is to go with whatever appeals to you!



Depends who you ask! Some people believe that they help you to understand your own thoughts and decisions. Others believe that the cards give you the means to access guidance from your spirit guides and the Universe. I believe in both. I call upon my spirit guides and the Universe to join me in each reading, and I open and activate my chakras, focusing on my crown and third eye. I meditate briefly beforehand and use crystals in all my readings. I stay open to receiving messages and my intuition is always heightened during a reading when I'm in this kind of space

There are also other elements to reading and interpreting the cards, such as reading into the colours, themes, understanding a collective message when pulling multiple cards, etc. 


There's really no rules to using a deck of oracle cards but there are some common spreads such as the 3 card spread which is your past, present and future. Not 10-years-into-the-future, but for guidance for what lies ahead (soon or immediate). You can pull a daily card, which will show you what to focus on that day, to reflect or meditate on, to remember throughout your experiences that day, or perhaps as to what is possibly going to happen in your day. You might have a specific question that you need some guidance and clarity on, and you can pull one card (or more if you feel guided to) that is for that specific question. There's health spreads, ways to use cards for business and more. It's such a useful tool in your spiritual box!

Here's an example reading: the other day I was feeling so over whelmed with all the surrounding negative energy, and had been going through some intense shit with endings and beginnings so I chose a deck (I work with more than 1) and pulled my usual 3 cards and had another jump out. 


The first card "opportunity" related to a period I've just come out of and matched up with the whole "beginnings" struggle. It signifies an opportunity that aligns with my desires (moving to the countryside). The present card was "healing" and matched up to the endings I'm going through. It is a message about the grief and loss of something I had cherished and is telling me that healing energy is all around me right now (the ending of a significant friendship that occurred 3 days beforehand). The third card "pleasure and pain" is for the period I'm going into and the card that jumped out "instincts" is a message direct from my guides. That one is all about using my instincts and intuition, my inner visionary.

The messages for each card go much deeper but as an example of a "standard" reading, that's how it works. There's this strange comforting feeling when you know you have these cards. In tough situations you never feel alone because you know you can access some guidance and tap into the answers using your own intuition. It's a good feeling!

I hope this post has given you a better idea on what oracle cards are and how they work. If you have specific questions about them you can leave them in a comment here and I'll get back to you!