Weekly Energy Reading

For the week of 1st March 2015 -

This reading is coming to you a few hours later than normally planned today, as I've been feeling so rushed and busy this whole week and left it to the last minute. I posted on Instagram days ago that there was a strange energy about, and so many of you agreed with me. Two hours later one of my biggest mentors in the field posted about the strange energy and assured everyone that is all planetary and shall pass soon. Physically and mentally I've had such little energy! 

Towards the end of the week I decided to turn down any more social offers and just taken some down time at home with my girl. And I think it's helped because despite only having 5.5 hours of sleep last night I woke up full of energy (first time all week). I managed to steal some time to write this post to give us all some direction and guidance for the week ahead... the first week of autumn! Enjoy xx





The message this card is bringing us is a beautiful one. It's about growing and emerging... transitioning in the direction you have been asking for. Transition rarely occurs without growth first. And growth is often disguised as chaos and can be quite uncomfortable. You might of been feeling in a slump, down and depressed or very fatigued. Honour yourself and make time for self care right now... having self compassion during this time of transition, and trusting the Universe and your internal guidance is important to head in the direction you've been requesting. Be open to possibilities and take action when you are called to.

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