Oracle Card Energy Reading

For the week of 15th Feburary 2015 -

I sat down to do this reading after a quiet meditation with thunder rumbling outside. Not long into shuffling the INDULGE card jumped out of the deck. I felt guided to pull two cards this week and also using the special message of INDULGE, here is an energy reading for all of us...

What a strong message for this week! When looking at these cards singularly, LIFE PURPOSE is a card that prompts you to be fully present in any given moment as this is your life purpose. If you can offer what is required in each moment, that is the point! LIFE PURPOSE is often though of as your career or job but it's not always they case... it's about your truth and your the skills and talents unique to you, and sharing them in every moment with whoever is in front of you, as they are there for a reason.

HEAD VS HEART is a card that wants you to know that you need to centre yourself in your heart. Slow your mind's chatter (try meditation or exercise) and go deep within your heart - this is where inspiration, dreams, love and answers will come to you. Trust what your heart is telling you, always trust heart over head (even if it doesn't make logical sense at the time!)

And finally, INDULGE made itself known by leaping out of the deck within seconds of shuffling. This message is about taking the time to nourish and indulge all 4 bodies (physical, emotional, mental and spiritual). Know that by doing this, it's not selfish! In fact you need to fill your cup so that you can help fill other's cups. This is an especially important message for the mumma's. 



When linking all 3 cards together, the message is very clear:

This week is a powerful and deep week to go within ourselves to query our life purpose. But when doing so to remember to stay centred within the heart. Your head may try to tell you your life purpose is about career, or what you've been conditioned to believe thanks to today's society, but remember that you need to go to your heart and listen to really hear the answers. Find your passions and skills and work with them. With all this deep soulful work, it's important to take time to indulge. In fact, if you're not getting any answers, perhaps it's best to make time to nourish your 4 bodies first, so that you are grounded and open to letting go of control from your head, and listening through the heart.

Much love to you all xx