New Moon In Pisces

Yesterday, Thursday 10.47am (Sydney time), marked a super new moon. That's two in a row! Have you felt the energy shift? The energy is crazy right now, what with another super new moon, the Chinese new year and the end of Mercury retrograde!

I usually have a little ritual with our friend the moon, which varies a bit depending if it's full or new. Usually I'll light a candle, meditate, do some journalling and pull an oracle card. If it's full I focus on releasing. On a new moon I sow my seeds of new intentions. After pulling my own personal cards yesterday for this new moon cycle I wanted to pull a card for us all as a collective and share with you what messages I received:



This totally makes sense and ties in with what a lot of other energy, planetary and card readers are finding this month. With the Merc Retro period finishing, we've just come out of a time of revisiting things we've previously ignored. We've had a chance to re-set them and now with the new moon, we are encouraged to embrace all that we can. Life will take off when you are ready to embrace the fullness of your being... go deep within and see more in you than you think there is to be seen. We all have unique talents and passions to share, which will create our dream life when we embrace them. The new moon is driving us to be more creative and to manifest, so let's do it!

Just a quick post today, as I wanted to share this with you while the new moon was still fresh. xx