Getting Grounded (& what it feels like)

In my soul work practice, I started realise there was a particular feeling and mind set that was like I was on another dimension. It encompassed every part of my 4 bodies (physical, emotional, spiritual, mental) and it felt like bliss. It is such a beautiful serene feeling that makes me feel so calm and centred. It was when I felt most intuitive and it was the times where I would do oracle card readings for others because I felt so connected.

I had no idea what it was or where it came from. No idea how to obtain it and when it would be back! But I've since realised what this feeling is - it's being grounded. I don't know what it feels like for other people but grounding yourself is so important and I'm starting to feel this way more often which makes me incredibly happy. Progress! We are all born with intuition but we lose it (along with psychic skills etc) as we grow, due to ways of the western world. Re-discovering this part of one's self isn't instant. And it's hard work! Incredibly frustration at time, and I spend a lot of time second guessing myself, which is a lesson in itself!

Anywho, I've also discovered that taking baths help me get this feeling - they help me ground myself and go within, to connect with my spirit and intuition. Being grounded helps me remain grateful for the abundance of positive vibes in my life. Which in turn brings only more to me! I've always been adamant that I hate water but in the past2 years have felt such a pull to water - the ocean, rivers, and yes even baths. Not to mention Cancerians (me) are water signs.

Other things that ground me are:

  • drinking herbal tea
  • candles
  • meditation
  • journalling
  • crystals
  • some music (currently into Milky Chance)
  • being outdoors barefoot

These may work for you too, so see how you feel when you do these activities.

I've been doing a lot of work with myself about my passion and purpose. This is a big central theme for us all in 2015 and my journey into this discovery is well on it's way. I have come to see that it feels so good to give, to be giving my gifts, sharing my life online, and sharing my limited but ever-growing knowledge to help others become conscious and awaken to their new selves. There are about 4 women who I study daily who do this for me. I can only hope that by blogging (and not being afraid to write this "kooky" stuff!), and helping others discover the power of crystals through Raw Crystals will be helping and guiding others similar to how I am being guided right now.