A Collective Energy Reading

Today I was sitting at my desk, admiring at an Opalite crystal and listening to a Youtube video by Aquarius Nation when I felt an over whelming urge to do an energy reading with my oracle cards. I don't question these moments, as I believe it's a strong message from my guides and the Universe to use my intuition and bust those cards out!

We're all on a similar path in 2015, which is a year of power, action and money. Maybe you really needed to see this reading, maybe it won't resonate with you today, but if you've landed here on this page you should keep reading - everything occurs for a reason and you are reading these words because you should be!


The three cards I pulled were...

BE HAPPY NOW To be happy with where you are at in this moment in your life. To make a choice to be happy.

NEW PERSPECTIVE This card urges you to stand back and get a new view (perspective) on yourself or current situation before you. A change in perspective brings a change in understanding.

MANIFEST Using your intentions and beliefs you can create whatever you want. Remove any blocks (negativity etc) which is standing in the way of manifesting your dream person/job/situation/life.

All three cards tie into each other, as often happens when pulling multiple cards. It helps me form a bigger picture of the message I'm receiving if I pull more than one card... it make it more powerful, so to speak. Reading into each of the three cards pulled, this is the message I have to share:

We need to accept where we are right now and stay in the present moment, the now. Happiness is a choice and we need to choose to be happy with where we are in this point in our lives and not place our happiness in the hands of someone else. If you've been struggling to find happiness in your current situation know this - when you change your perspective to be happy now, you'll attract more abundance, positivity, joy and everything you dream and manifest will arrive in your lap. Opportunities will come at you but sometimes you'll miss them because they're not what you thought they'd look like. 

With the full moon approaching, it's a great time to spend some quiet time journalling and reflecting. What would you like to release this week? Do you need to let go of any fear, negativity or toxic people in order to be happy and manifest what you want? Offer all you want to release to the full moon (4th Febuary 10:09AM AEDST) and feel the support of the Universe and your online tribe :)