Toxic Stones List

The beauty about crystal healing is that there are so many ways we can benefit from these precious gifts from the Earth. One of my favourite way is to create gem waters and crystal elixirs (yes they are different, but that's for a different post!) which is the method of allowing the vibrational essence to become imprinted into water which you then typically drink (but can also be used topically). 

When creating crystal elixirs or vibrational sprays you should always check that the stones you're using are non-toxic. Many, many, many stones contain traces of elements such as copper, aluminium, lead and so forth …

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How To Prevent Empath Burnout

Empaths are PEOPLE PLEASERS because they want the other person to be happy no matter what so that the empath themselves doesn’t feel any negative energy. They feel responsible for the happiness of others. As you can imagine this is a fast track to complete burnout. Empaths feel guilty when doing something for themselves because they don't want..

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How To Choose A Crystal

When I talk to people about crystals one of the most common things I hear is "but I just don't know where to start!" And it can be over-whelming - there are literally thousands of types of minerals, crystals and stones! How does one choose a crystal? But finding the right crystal for you to work with at any given time is simpler than you think. The methods I'm going to explain here can be used when purchasing a new crystal from a store, or when you're selecting one to work with from your own collection.

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Nurture the Heart Chakra with these Essential Oils

While it's well known that essential oils can have a powerful effect on healing the physical body, it is less known of the uses essential oils have for the spiritual or etheric body. As part of our energetic body, we have energy centres called Chakras. There are seven main chakras (from base to crown) and today I wanted to share a list of my favourite essential oils that you can use to nurture and open your heart chakra in particular. Heart chakra essential oils are typically oils that vibrate at a higher frequency and are quite the experience to use! Your heart chakra is the first of the more spiritual energy centres, and one that can always do with attention. It's located in the chest and is green in colour. It's the energy centre related to love, acceptance, forgiveness, relationships and attachments. Just reading over that shows that most people on this planet will need to regularly cleanse and balance their heart chakra. We can never have too much love in this world!

Below is a list of essential oils that can nurture the heart chakra, allowing you to open and expand it to more love and healing.

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6 Must-Have Crystals For Your Collection

When people ask me what are the must-have crystals to begin their collection I understand their confusion as it can be an over whelming experience trying to understand what crystal you need and just where to start. There are a handful of crystals that I always recommend that are all easily obtainable and very effective in energy healing - including protection, manifestation and more. If I'm carrying one of the must-have crystals on me that day I usually gift it to them to help them begin their crystal healing journey. Depending if the person asking is a total beginner to crystals or energy healing in general, I will also suggest picking up a chakra set. These are usually little tumbled stones or flat stones and are sold as a set, but if not you can easily create your own set by purchasing the 7 stones yourself. 

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How to Cleanse Your Crystals

Cleansing your crystals is very important and there are many ways to do so. Crystals absorb positive and negative energy from their surroundings, people who handle them and the process it went through to end up in your hands (from the miner to the retail store and all in-between). Crystals also need to be cleansed before and after you use them for healing or meditation. Unless they are regularly cleansed, they will hold onto these energies. Furthermore, a crystal may even tell you that it needs to be cleansed - their colour may fade or seem dull, and they just won't feel right to you. Below are some methods you can use to cleanse your crystal and bring back their natural energies.

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