I sense energy and it's flow.

My name is Jackie and my whole life I have been aware I was more "sensitive", able to pick up on vibrations that other's couldn't - from people, houses, places and of course crystals.

For the past decade I have spent every spare second working with crystals and energy intimately, healing and shifting my own "stuff" along the way. Now I follow the call to share all I know with others - both through healing and teaching.

What makes me different as a guide and healer is that I understand where you are. I have journeyed through my own healing and I have evolved to now guide others in their healing journey (and continue to evolve). 

I spent years combating severe depression, anxiety and dependancy issues. Not only did I feel my own intense energy but also the energy of those around me, some who were off-the-charts wild. Not knowing how to protect myself or differentiate between my own energy and other's made me literally feel insane & at one point I even attempted to end my life. I have battled so hard for my light. I eventually saw that every single dark period I was put in was in order to find my light inside of it. And now I am working my light to teach others to work with their energy and to be the unique and beautiful person they are here to be. This is why I always say it's not all love and light, society’s illusions of what being spiritual and awake is about is mostly a load of crock! Not only do I not fit the "hippy spiritual" mold but the struggles, the pain and reaching into the darkest depths of yourself is where your light really comes from. Growth lies in challenges. This is where true soul evolvement happens.

It is part of my purpose to now share my journey and and help heal other's who are experiencing a similar path. I am dedicated to helping others really understand themselves and their path and empower them to heal themselves. I use my personal experiences as lessons to teach as well as my unique and special gifts as an intuitive woman and deep emotional empath. Feeling is my main tool. I can feel into the energy of each day before it begins and I can feel your energy even from a distance. I also use crystals, cards, and of course connecting in with spirit, my guides and angels.

My workshops and online courses are unique and extremely in-depth and I find they are another way to reach people who are ready to transform, heal and grow... who are ready to fulfil their commitment this time around. Teaching is where my soul has guided me to right now and it's where I'm pouring so much energy and passion. 

I am also a mama of 2 girls, of whom I owe everything. Their births birthed new parts of me and woke me to new dimensions and light I hadn't seen before. My husband is my anchor who keeps me down in this earthly plane and my family and our space at home is everything to me (I'm a typical Cancer sun). I live in Western Sydney, Australia.


The intention behind each post at House Of Energy is to expand your soul and inspire you to learn how to use crystals and other energy tools to enhance your well-being and guide you along your individual path.

The posts on this blog detail my own personal experiences in relation to using crystals and other holistic or natural methods for healing and well-being.

I cannot guarantee that you will have the same experiences. None of the information shared here should be used as a replacement for seeking medical attention or professional help.

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